Deep-sea benthic foraminifera

Collaborators: Helen Neil, Helen Bostock (NIWA, Wellington)

This research strand was designed to document the biodiversity of the modern deep-sea (100-5000 m water depth) foraminifera in the New Zealand EEZ, and to investigate the relationship between their ecologic distributional patterns and environmental factors. These results are intended to be used to improve the resolution of paleodepth and paleoenvironmental determinations of fossil NZ Cenozoic faunas which underpin aspects of sedimentary basin analysis, geological mapping and other earth resource assessment studies. The programme involved systematic study of four regions around NZ (all completed), followed by publication of a synthesis bulletin on their taxonomy and ecology, as a companion to our bulletin on shallow-water New Zealand foraminifera (both published). The 2013 paper filled gaps in areal coverage of the NZ EEZ.

Study areas:
a. East of central New Zealand (Chatham Rise-Bounty Trough). Published, 2001, 2002.
b. West of Taranaki (Tasman Sea). Published, 2003.
c. East of northern New Zealand. Published, 2006.
d. South and south-east of New Zealand (Campbell Plateau). Published, 2006.
e. Recent New Zealand deep-sea benthic foraminifera: Taxonomy, ecologic distribution, and use in paleoenvironmental assessment. Monograph published, 2010.
f. New Zealand EEZ including new samples from Southwest South Island, northwest North Island, and off North Island east coast (to fill gaps in coverage). Published, 2013.


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