Marine invertebrate surveys

Collaborators: Wilma Blom (Auckland War Memorial Museum); Fred Brook (Whangarei); Brett Stephenson (Whakatane)

This programme is jointly co-ordinated by Bruce Hayward and Margaret Morley. The goal of this "hobby" research programme is to document the biodiversity and biogeography,and map the ecological distribution of the intertidal biota and inner shelf subtidal soft sediment benthos around the coast of northern New Zealand. All phyla are covered with emphasis on the molluscs, seaweeds, and echinoderms.

Study areas (to date):
a. New Plymouth (proposed Nga Motu Marine Reserve). Published.
b. northern Taranaki (New Plymouth to Awakino). Published.
c. Kawhia Harbour. Published.
d. Raglan Harbour and Karioi coast. Published.
e. Waitakeres (Muriwai to Big Muddy Ck). Published.
f. Kawerua (Waipoua coast). Published.
g. Whangape Harbour. Published.
h. Ahipara and Herekino Harbour. Published.
i. Parengarenga Harbour. Published.
j. Cavalli Islands (subtidal benthos). Published.
k. Whananaki Harbour and coast. Published.
l. North-east Great Barrier (Rakitu, Rangiwhakaea Bay). Published.
m. West Great Barrier (Port Fitzroy, Port Abercrombie). Write-up phase.
n. Broken Islands subtidal benthos (west Great Barrier). Published.
o. Great Barrier mollusca. Published, 2009.
p. Middle and Upper Waitemata Harbour. (map) Published.
q. Waitemata Harbour (subtidal benthos). Part published.
r. Tamaki Estuary (mapping). Published, 2008.
s. Hauraki Gulf intertidal. In progress 2003-2012.
t. Te Matuku Bay Marine Reserve (Waiheke). Published.
u. North-east Coromandel (Whangapoua). Published 2014.
v. Cuvier Island. Published.
w. Mahia Peninsula. Published.
x. Bay of Islands subtidal. Part published.
y. Subantarctic Campbell and Auckland Islands. Published.
z. Introduced tunicates Pyura praeputialis and Styela clava to NZ. Published, 2009

aa. Spread of the blue mussel. Published, 2010.

bb. Intertidal Nudibranchs. Submitted 2015.

cc. Intertidal micromolluscs. Write up phase, 2015.



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