Checklist of New Zealand fossil Foraminifera (updated Mar 2103)


Species entries are followed by time ranges using the standard abbreviations for New Zealand stages. Because of the historic plethora of taxonomic names introduced globally it is not possible at this time to provide any accurate estimate of endemism in fossil species. Endemic species are indicated by E; endemic genera are underlined (first entry only). Genus, family, and superfamily classification largely follows Loeblich and Tappan (1987), with the ordinal classification after Loeblich and Tappan (1992).







Nodellum velascoensis (Cushman, 1926) Mh





Bathysiphon cylindrica (Glaessner, 1937) Ra-Dt

Bathysiphon filiformis M. Sars, 1872 Mh-Rec

Bathysiphon robusta (Grzybowski, 1897) Mh

Bathysiphon sp. indet. Rt-Rm

Nothia grilli (Noth, 1951) Mh


Dendrophyra excelsa Grzybowski, 1898 Mh

Rhabdammina abyssorum Sars, 1869 Po-Rec

Rhabdammina annulata Gryzbowski, 1896 Mh

Rhabdammina linearis Brady, 1879 Mh

Rhizammina algaeformis Brady, 1879 Mh-Rec

Rhizammina excelsa (Grzybowski, 1897) Mh


Placentammina placenta (Grzybowski, 1898) Mh

Saccammina elongata (Wiesner, 1931) Mh

Saccammina sp. indet. Bm

Saccammina sphaerica Brady, 1871 Mh

Technitella archaeonitida Stainforth & Stevenson, 1946 Mh

Technitella sp. indet. Po

Thurammina papillata Brady, 1879 Mh


Silicotuba grzybowskii (Dylazanka, 1923) Ra-Lwh



Hippocrepina barksdalei (Tappan, 1957) Mh

Hippocrepina sp. indet. Bm

Hyperammina elongata Brady, 1878 Mh-Rec

Hyperammina latissima (Grzybowski, 1898) Mh

Hyperammina sp. indet. Bm





Ammodiscus archimedis (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Tt

Ammodiscus cretaceus (Reuss, 1845) Ra-Dt

Ammodiscus finlayi Parr, 1935 E Dt-Tt

Ammodiscus gaultinus Berthelin, 1880 Cu-Cn

Ammodiscus pennyi Cushman & Jarvis, 1928 Ra-Dt

Ammodiscus sp. indet. Bm

Ammovertella sp. indet. Bm

Glomospira gordialis (Jones & Parker, 1860) Ra-Mh

Glomospira sp. indet. Perm

Tolypammina vagans (Brady, 1879) Mh

Tolypammina sp. indet. Bw

Usbekistania charoides (Jones & Parker, 1860) Cn-Rec



Arenobulimina sp. indet. Lw-Pl


Matanzia varians (Glaessner, 1937) Mh-Dt

Ruakituria mahoenuica (Finlay, 1939) E Ab-Wo



Budashevaella multicamerata (Voloshinova & Budasheva, 1961) Mh-Dt

Thalmannammina sp. indet. Cn

Thalmannammina subturbinata (Grzybowski, 1897) Ra-Dt


Haplophragmium lueckei (Cushman & Hedberg) Mh

Haplophragmium spp. indet. (2)



Hormosina imitator (Finlay, 1947) E Dw

Hormosina ovula (Grzybowski, 1896) Mh-Ab

Hormosina trinitatensis Cushman & Renz, 1946 Mh

Pseudonodosinella nodulosa (Brady, 1879) Mp-Mh

Reophax constrictus (Reuss, 1874) Mh

Reophax eominutus Kristan-Tollmann, 1964 Bw

Reophax horridus (Schwager, 1865) Bw

Reophax regularis Hugland, 1947 Dt

Reophax sp. indet. Mh



Cribrostomoides trinitatensis Cushman & Jarvis, 1928 Dt

Haplophragmoides arenatus Crespin, 1963 Bm

Haplophragmoides eggeri Cushman, 1926 Dt

Haplophragmoides kirki Wickenden, 1932 Mh

Haplophragmoides medwayensis (Parr, 1935) E Tt

Haplophragmoides suborbicularis (Grzybowski, 1896) Ra-Rt

Haplophragmoides topagorukensis Tappan, 1962 Cn

Haplophragmoides spp. indet. (5)


Ammobaculites agglutinans (d’Orbigny, 1846) Mh

Ammobaculites clifdenensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Sl

Ammobaculites coprolithiformis (Schwager, 1868) Mh

Ammobaculites duncani Schroeder, 1968 Bm

Ammobaculites fragmentarius Cushman, 1927 Mh

Ammobaculites korangaensis Stoneley, 1962 E Cm

Ammobaculites taitaiica Stoneley, 1962 E Uk-Cu

Ammobaculites spp. indet. (6)

Ammomarginulina beggi Strong, 1984 E Bm

Ammomarginulina stephensoni (Cushman, 1933) Mh

Ammomarginulina sp. indet. Ab

Flabellammina compressa (Beissel, 1891) Mh

Flabellammina jacksoni Hornibrook, 1961 E Ak-Lwh

Flabellammina spp. indet. (2)

Triplasia marwicki Loeblich & Tappan, 1952 Ak-Pl


Lituotuba lata (Grzybowski, 1897) Mh

Trochamminoides acervulatus (Grzybowski, 1896) Mh



Cyclammina amplectens Grzybowski, 1898 Dt-Ar

Cyclammina elegans Cushman & Jarvis, 1932 Mh-Dt

Cyclammina incisa (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Sw

Cyclammina rotundata Chapman & Crespin, 1930 Po

Cyclammina rotundidorsata (Hantken, 1876) Dp-Ar

Reticulophragmium paupera (Chapman, 1904) Dt



Bolivinopsis compta Finlay, 1947 E Dt-Ab

Bolivinopsis cubensis (Cushman & Bermudez, 1937) Dw-Rec

Bolivinopsis spectabilis (Grzybowski, 1898) Mh-Dt

Bolivinopsis trinitatensis (Cushman & Renz, 1948) Dw-Ab

Bolivinopsis spp. indet.

Spiroplectammina dentata Alth, 1850 Mh

Spiroplectammina laevis cretosa Cushman, 1932 Mh

Spiroplectammina piripaua Finlay, 1939 E Mh-Dt

Spiroplectammina semicomplanata (Carsey, 1964) Mh

Spiroplectammina steinekei Finlay, 1939 E Mh-Dt

Spiroplectammina sp. indet. Rt-Mp

Vulvulina bortonica Finlay, 1947 E Ab-Ar

Vulvulina bueningi Finlay, 1939 E Dt-Dt

Vulvulina espinosa Finlay, 1947 E Dm

Vulvulina granulosa Finlay, 1947 E Ar-Ld

Vulvulina haeringensis (Guembel, 1868) Dw-Dp

Vulvulina jablonskii Finlay, 1939 E Ld-Sw

Vulvulina pennatula (Batsch, 1791) Lw-Tt

Vulvulina spinosa Cushman, 1927 Ab-Lwh



Rzehakina epigona (Rzehak, 1985) Ra-Dt



Conotrochammina depressa Finlay, 1947 E Dw-Dm

Conotrochammina whangaia Finlay, 1940 E Mh-Dt


Karrerulina aegra Finlay, 1940 E Mh-Ak

Karrerulina bortonica Finlay, 1940 E Dt-Ar

Karrerulina clarentia Finlay, 1940 E Cu-Cn

Karrerulina obscura Srinivasan, 1966 E Ab-Tk

Karrerulina sp. indet. Mp-Dw

Karrerulina urutawica Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Orientalia sp. indet. Bw

Plectina agrestior Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Ak

Plectina quennelli Finlay, 1939 E Ab


Tritaxia alpina (Cushman, 1936) Dm-Tk

Tritaxia olssoni (Finlay, 1939) E Po-Pl


Bermudezina sp. indet. Dt

Gaudryina convexa (Karrer, 1864) E Po-Rec

Gaudryina fenestrata Finlay, 1939 E Po-Tt

Gaudryina healyi Finlay, 1939 E Mh

Gaudryina kingi Parr, 1936 Tt-Wn

Gaudryina miniscula Finlay, 1940 E Ar-Ld

Gaudryina proreussi Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Ak

Gaudryina quadrazea Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld-Sw

Gaudryina reliqua Finlay, 1939 E Dw-Dm

Gaudryina reussi Stache, 1864 E Ab-Po

Gaudryina whangaia Finlay, 1939 E Dt

Gaudryina spp. indet. (4)

Gaudryinella campbelli Strong, 1984 E Bm

Gaudryinella pseudoserrata Cushman, 1932 Ra

Gaudryinella p. extensa Cushman, 1949 Ra-Rm

Spiroplectinata annectans (Parker & Jones, 1863) Cn

Spiroplectinata capitosa (Cushman, 1933) Rt-Mp

Spiroplectinata williamsi Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Spiroplectinata sp. indet. Cu

Uvigerinammina jankoi Majzon, 1943 Mh

Verneuilina browni Finlay, 1939 E Lwh-Sc

Verneuilina novozealandica Cushman, 1936 E Lwh-Sc





Trochammina albertensis Wickenden, 1932 Mh

Trochammina enouraensis Asano, 1958 Po

Trochammina globigeriniformis (Parker & Jones, 1865) Mh

Trochammina maoria Stoneley, 1962 E Cn-Cm

Trochammina novozealandica Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Trochammina proteus Karrer, 1866 Mh

Trochammina spp. indet. (2)





Arenodosaria antipoda (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Sw

Arenodosaria kaiataensis Dorreen, 1948 E Ar-Ld

Arenodosaria turris Kennett, 1967 E Tt

Arenodosaria sp. indet. Ar-Lwh

Dorothia agrestis Finlay, 1939 E Dh-Ab

Dorothia biformis Finlay, 1939 E Mh

Dorothia bulletta Carsey, 1926 Dt-Dh

Dorothia elongata Finlay, 1940 E Mh

Dorothia indentata (Cushman and Jarvis, 1928) Ak-Po

Dorothia minima (Karrer, 1864) E Ak-Sc

Dorothia scabra (Brady, 1884) Po-Rec

Dorothia stephensoni Cushman, 1946 Mh

Dorothia trochoides (d’Orbigny, 1852) Mh

Dorothia spp. indet. (5)

Eggerella bradyi (Cushman, 1911) Tt-Rec

Eggerella columna Finlay, 1940 E Dt

Eggerella decepta Finlay, 1939 E Dw-Dm

Eggerella ihungia Finlay, 1940 E Lwh-Sc

Karreriella alticamera Cushman & Stainforth, 1945 Ar-Sl

Karreriella bradyi (Cushman, 1911) Ab-Rec

Karreriella chilostoma (Reuss, 1852) Ab-Sw

Karreriella cushmani Finlay, 1940 E Po-Wo

Karreriella cylindrica Finlay, 1940 E Sw-Wn

Karreriella fastigata Kennett, 1967 E Tt \

Karreriella kennetti Srinivasan, 1966 E Ar-Lwh

Karreriella novangliae (Cushman, 1922) Wo-Rec

Karreriella novozealandica Cushman, 1936 Dp-Po

Karreriella ututaica Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Karreriella sp. indet. Cm

Marssonella oxycona (Reuss, 1954) Mh-Dt

Martinottiella clarae Gibson, 1967 E Sw-Tk

Martinottiella communis (d'Orbigny, 1846) Dp-Rec

Martinottiella levis (Finlay, 1939) E Dt-Ab

Martinottiella massami Gibson, 1967 E Sw-Tk

Martinottiella variabilis (Schwager, 1866) Wm-Wc*

Martinottiella weymouthi Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Tk


Migros medwayensis (Parr, 1935) E Po-Tk

Migros sp. indet. Mh


Bigenerina burri Finlay, 1947 E Dw

Bigenerina sp. indet. Dm-Dp

Haeuslerella decepta Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Pl

Haeuslerella finlayi Vella, 1963 E Tt-Wo

Haeuslerella hectori Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Po

Haeuslerella morgani (Chapman, 1926) E Sl-Wo

Haeuslerella parri Finlay, 1939 E Tk-Wn

Haeuslerella pliocenica (Finlay, 1939) E Tt-Wn

Haeuslerella pukeuriensis Parr, 1935 E Pl-Sl

Haeuslerella textilariformis (Stache, 1864) E Lwh-Ld

Semivulvulina capitata (Stache, 1864) E Lwh-Ld

Semivulvulina ihungia Finlay, 1947 E Pl-Sc

Semivulvulina prisca Finlay, 1947 E Ab

Semivulvulina waitakia Finlay, 1939 E Ld-Lw

Siphotextularia acutangula Finlay, 1939 E Dp-Ab

Siphotextularia awamoana Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Sw

Siphotextularia bolivina Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Sw

Siphotextularia cordis Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar-Lwh

Siphotextularia dawesi Kennett, 1967 E Tt-Wo

Siphotextularia emaciata Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld-Sw

Siphotextularia finlayi Hornibrook, 1961 E Ab-Ld

Siphotextularia ihungia Finlay, 1940 E Po-Tt

Siphotextularia kreuzbergi Finlay, 1940 E Lw-Tt

Siphotextularia lajollaensis (Lalicker, 1935) Mh

Siphotextularia lornensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Ak-Ar

Siphotextularia rolshauseni Phleger & Parker, 1951 Wm-Rec

Siphotextularia subcylindrica Finlay, 1940 E Sc-Wo

Siphotextularia wairoana Finlay, 1939 E Wo-Wc

Siphotextularia wanganuia Finlay, 1939 E Wp-Wc

Siphotextularia sp. indet. Dw

Textularia aorangi Dorreen, 1948 E Ar

Textularia awamoana Hornibrook, 1961 E Pl-Sw

Textularia awazea Finlay, 1939 E Pl

Textularia barnwelli Kennett, 1966 E Tk-Wo

Textularia crater Kennett, 1967 E Tt

Textularia cuneazea Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Textularia cuspis Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Lwh

Textularia eyrei Finlay, 1947 E Dm

Textularia foeda Reuss, 1846 Bm

Textularia gladizea Finlay, 1947 E Sc-Tt

Textularia hayi Karrer, 1864 E Ar-Sw

Textularia kapitea Finlay, 1947 E Tt-Wo

Textularia leuzingeri Cushman & Renz, 1941 Lwh-Wo

Textularia lythostrota (Schwager, 1866) Wc-Rec

Textularia marsdeni Finlay, 1939 E Ar-Sw

Textularia miozea Finlay, 1939 E Pl-Tt

Textularia ototara Hornibrook, 1961 E Ak-Sw

Textularia plummerae Lalicker, 1935 Mh-Ar

Textularia pozonensis Cushman & Renz, 1941 Po

Textularia pseudomiozea Finlay, 1947 E Lwh-Po

Textularia saggitula Defrance, 1824 Po

Textularia semicarinata Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Textularia subantarctica Vella, 1957 E Wn-Rec

Textularia subrhombica Stache, 1864 E Ak-Tk

Textularia walcotti Srinivasan, 1966 E Lwh

Textularia zeaggluta Finlay, 1939 E Dm-Ld

Textularia spp. indet.


Clavulina anglica Cushman, 1936 Dt

Clavulina capitosa (Cushman, 1933) Rm-Mp

Clavulina maqfiensis (LeRoy, 1953) Dw-Dp

Cylindroclavulina bradyi (Cushman, 1911) Lwh-Rec

Tritaxilina zealandica Finlay, 1939 E Dm-Tt





Diplosphaerina inaequalis (Derville, 1931) Perm



Bradyina? sp. indet. Perm



Colania douvillei (Ozawa, 1925) Perm

Neoschwagerina cf. craticulifera (Schwager, 1883) Perm

Neoschwagerina margaritae Deprat, 1913 Perm

Yabeina ampla Skinner & Wilde, 1966 Perm

Yabeina archaica Dutkevich, 1967 Perm

Yabeina globosa (Yabe, 1906) Perm

Yabeina multiseptata (Deprat, 1913) Perm

Yabeina parvula Skinner & Wilde, 1966 Perm

Yabeina shiraiwensis (Ozawa, 1925) Perm


Pseudokahlerina compressa Sosnina, 1968 Perm

Rauserella cf. breviscula Sosnina, 1968 Perm

Reichelina cf. lamarensis Skinner & Wilde, 1955 Perm

Reichelina cf. turgida Sheng, 1963 Perm

Reichelina media Miklukho-Maclay, 1954 Perm

Sichotenella cf. sutschanica Toumanskaya, 1953 Perm


Codonofusiella cf. nana Erk, 1941 Perm

Codonofusiella cf. schubertelloides Sheng, 1956 Perm

Dunbarula nana Kochansky-Devide & Ramovs, 1955 Perm

Minojapanella elongata Fujimoto & Kanuma, 1953 Perm

Schubertella? sp. indet. Perm


Chusenella cf. cheni Skinner & Wilde, 1966 Perm

Chusenella urulungensis Wang, Sheng & Zhang, 1981 Perm

Parafusulina cuniculata (Igo, 1967) Perm

Parafusulina japonica (Gumbel, 1874) Perm

Parafusulina j. curta Leven & Campbell 1998 Perm

Parafusulina j. deprati Leven & Campbell 1998 Perm


Nankinella cf. orbicularia Lee, 1934 Perm


Kahlerina cf. globiformis Sosnina, 1968 Perm

Kahlerina pachytheca Kochansky-Devide & Ramovs, 1955 Perm



Lunucammina uralica (Souleimanov, 1949) Perm


Pachyphloia cf. iranica Bozorgnia, 1973 Perm

Pachyphloia ovata Lange, 1925 Perm



Climacammina cf. valvulinoides Lange, 1925 Perm

Cribrogenerina obesa Lange, 1925 Perm

Dagmarita sp. indet. Perm

Deckerella sp. indet. Perm

Globivalvulina cf. vonderschmitti Reichel, 1945 Perm

Globivalvulina graeca Reichel, 1945 Perm

Palaeotextularia sp. indet. Perm

Paraglobivalvulina? sp. Perm



Abadehella cf. coniformis Okimura & Ishii, 1975 Perm


Tetrataxis cf. maxima Schellwien, 1898 Perm

Tetrataxis? inflata Kristan, 1957 Bm





Neochemigordius grandis (Ozawa, 1925) Perm

Neochemigordius japonica (Ozawa, 1925) Perm

Neohemigordius cf. zaninettiae (Altiner, 1978) Perm




Patellina corrugata Williamson, 1858 Ar-Rec

Patellina piripaua Finlay, 1939 E Mh

Patellina spp. indet. (3)


Spirillina plana Möller, 1879 Po-Pl

Spirillina vivipara Ehrenberg, 1843 Po-Rec

Spirillina sp. indet. Po-Pl






Cornuspira archimedis Stache, 1864 E Lw-Pl

Cornuspira foliacea (Philippi, 1844) Pl-Rec

Cornuspiroides striolata (Brady, 1882) Po-Rec



Baisalina pulchra Reitlinger, 1965 Perm


Agathammina sp. indet. Perm

Gordiospira fragilis Heron-Allen & Earland, 1932 Pl

Hemigordiopsis renzi Reichel, 1945 Perm



Articulina parri Cushman, 1944 Pl

Cruciloculina ericsoni Loeblich & Tappan, 1957 Tt

Hauerina notoensis Dorreen, 1948 E Ar

Massilina granulocostata (Germeraad, 1946) Po-Rec

Massilina speciosa (Karrer, 1868) Pl

Massilina subaequalis (Parr, 1936) Tt

Miliolinella subrotunda (Montagu, 1803) Wc-Rec

Miliolinella vellai Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Ar

Pyrgo bulloides (d'Orbigny, 1826) Ak-Pl

Pyrgo depressa (d’Orbigny, 1826) Pl-Rec

Pyrgo elongata (d'Orbigny, 1826) Tk

Pyrgo inornata (d’Orbigny, 1846) Po-Rec

Pyrgo laevis Defrance, 1824 Pl

Pyrgo lucernula (Schwager, 1866) Pl

Pyrgo murrhina (Schwager, 1866) Tt-Rec

Pyrgo tasmanensis Vella, 1957 E Tt-Rec

Quinqueloculina agglutinans d’Orbigny, 1839 Wc-Rec

Quinqueloculina angulostriata Cushman & Valentine, 1930 Po-Pl

Quinqueloculina buchiana d'Orbigny, 1846 Po-Pl

Quinqueloculina contorta d'Orbigny, 1846 Tk

Quinqueloculina incisa Vella, 1957 E Tk-Rec

Quinqueloculina kapitiensis Vella, 1957 E Sw-Rec

Quinqueloculina oblonga (Montagu, 1803) Tt-Rec

Quinqueloculina plana d'Orbigny, 1850 Po-Pl

Quinqueloculina pygmaea Reuss, 1850 Tk

Quinqueloculina schroekingeri Karrer, 1868 Po-Pl

Quinqueloculina seminula (Linnaeus, 1758) Po-Rec

Quinqueloculina singletoni Crespin, 1950 Ld-Pl

Quinqueloculina suborbicularis d’Orbigny, 1826 Lw-Rec

Quinqueloculina triangularis d'Orbigny, 1846 Tt-Rec

Quinqueloculina venusta Karrer, 1868 Tt-Rec

Quinqueloculina vulgaris d'Orbigny, 1826 Po-Pl

Quinqueloculina waimea Kennett, 1966 E Tk

Quinqueloculina zealandica Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Lwh

Sigmoilina victoriensis Cushman, 1946 Ak-Sl

Sigmoilopsis compressa Hornibrook, 1958 E Pl-Sl

Sigmoilopsis finlayi Vella, 1957 E Wn-Rec

Sigmoilopsis gavini Gibson, 1967 E Tt

Sigmoilopsis neocelata Hornibrook, 1958 E Ld-Pl

Sigmoilopsis schlumbergeri (Silvestri, 1904) Po-Rec

Sigmoilopsis wanganuiensis Vella, 1957 E Wp-Rec

Sigmoilopsis zeaserus Vella, 1963 E Tk-Wp

Siphonaperta macbeathi Vella, 1957 E Wo-Rec

Siphonaperta vellai Hornibrook, 1961 E Pl-Sw

Spirosigmoilina tenuis (Czjzek, 1848) Ab-Rec

Triloculina chrysostoma (Chapman, 1909) E Wn-Rec

Triloculina insignis (Brady, 1881) Wm-Rec

Triloculina oculina d'Orbigny, 1846 Pl

Triloculina tricarinata d'Orbigny, 1826 Po-Rec

Triloculina trigonula (Lamarck, 1804) Po-Rec

Triloculinella elizabethae (Srinivasan, 1966) E Ak-Ar

Triloculinella hornibrooki (Vella, 1957) E Pl-Rec

Tubinella funalis (Brady, 1884) Pl-Rec

Wellmanella kaiata Finlay, 1947 E Ak


Inaequalina disparilis (Terquem, 1878) Lw-Rec

Spiroloculina canaliculata d'Orbigny, 1846 Ab-Tk

Spiroloculina kennetti Gibson, 1967 E Tt

Spiroloculina novozealandica Cushman & Todd, 1944 Po-Rec



Wiesnerella auriculata (Egger, 1893) Pl-Rec

Wiesnerella mackayi Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar


Ophthalmidium sp. indet. Zwingli & Kübler, 1870 Pl-Tt



Kamurana? sp. indet. Perm


Peneroplis mauii Dorreen, 1948 E Ar

Peneroplis sp. indet. Sw


Marginopora sp. indet. Sw





Amphimorphina tenuistriata Cushman and Bermudez, 1936 Po*

Amphimorphinella amchitkaensis Todd, 1953 Dw-Pl*

Amphimorphinella butonensis Keyzer, 1953 Po

Anastomosa gomphiformis (Schwager, 1866) Wo-Wn

Anastomosa lamellata (Cushman & Stainforth, 1945) Po-Wc*

Anastomosa nuttalli (Hedberg, 1937)  Tt-Wn*

Chrysalogonium bortonicum (Hornibrook, 1961) E Dw-Ar

Chrysalogonium ciperense Cushman & Stainforth, 1945 Ar*

Chrysalogonium deceptorium (Schwager, 1866) Lwh-Wc

Chrysalogonium equisetiformis (Schwager, 1866) Po-Wn

Chrysalogonium laeve Cushman & Bermudez, 1936 Ar-Pl*

Chrysalogonium polystomum (Schwager, 1866) Wo-Wc*

Chrysalogonium rudis (d’Orbigny, 1846) Po-Wc*

Cribroconica stimulea (Schwager, 1866) Dw-Wc

Cribroconica texana (Cushman, 1936) Dm-Pl*

Epelistoma crassitesta (Schwager, 1866) Tt-Wc

Epelistoma morgansi Hayward, 1913 Ab*

Lotostomoides asperelum (Neugeboren, 1852) Dm-Wc

Lotostomoides calomorphum (Reuss, 1866) Ab-Wc

Lotostomoides jorisseni Hayward, 2013 Wo*

Lotostomoides schwageri Hayward, 2013 Wm

Scallopostoma conica (Neugeboren, 1852) Ab-Wc

Scallopostoma ovicula (d’Orbigny, 1826) Ab-Wc

Scallopostoma karreri (Hantken, 1868) Wo*


Glandulonodosaria ambigua (Neugeboren, 1856) Ab-Wc

Glandulonodosaria glandigena (Schwager, 1866) Ab-Wc*

Glandulonodosaria lutzei Hayward and Kawagata, 2013 Wm-Wc*

Glandulonodosaria trincherasensis (Bermudez, 1949) Lwh-Wc

Neugeborena longiscata (d'Orbigny, 1846) Mh-Wc

Orthomorphina jedlitschkai (Thalmann, 1937) Ab-Wc

Orthomorphina laevis (Cushman & Bermudez, 1937) Wo-Wc*

Orthomorphina multicosta (Neugeboren, 1856)  Wo-Wn*

Orthomorphina perversa (Schwager, 1866) Ab-Wc


Lagena acuticosta Reuss, 1862 Lwh-Rec

Lagena costata (Williamson, 1858) Lwh-Rec

Lagena distoma Parker & Jones, 1864 Ar-Rec

Lagena ellipsoidalis Schwager, 1878 Mh

Lagena elongata (Ehrenberg, 1854) Ar-Wo

Lagena fornasinii Buchner, 1940 Sw

Lagena foveolata Reuss, 1863 Mh

Lagena geometrica Reuss, 1863 Mh

Lagena gracilis Williamson, 1848 Pl-Tk

Lagena gracillima (Seguenza, 1862) Mh-Tk

Lagena heronalleni Earland, 1934 Tt

Lagena hispida Reuss, 1863 Mh-Rec

Lagena hispidula Cushman, 1913 Po-Rec

Lagena laevis (Montagu, 1803) Pl-Rec

Lagena malcomsonii (Wright, 1911) Pl

Lagena marginatoperforata Seguenza, 1880 Pl

Lagena meridonalis (Wiesner, 1931) Mh

Lagena nebulosa (Cushman, 1923) Tk-Rec

Lagena paradoxa Sidebottom, 1912 Lw-Rec

Lagena perlucida (Montagu, 1803) Tt-Wo

Lagena pliocenica Cushman and Gray, 1946 Tt

Lagena plumigera (Brady, 1881) Ld-Rec

Lagena spicata Cushman & McCulloch, 1950 Tt-Rec

Lagena spiralis Brady, 1884 Lw-Pl

Lagena staphyllearia Schwager, 1866 Sw

Lagena striata (d'Orbigny, 1839) Ld-Pl

Lagena strumosa Reuss, 1858 Tk-Rec

Lagena substriata Williamson, 1848 Po-Rec

Lagena sulcata Walker & Jacob, 1798 Mh-Rec

Lagena tenuistriata Stache, 1864 E Lwh-Ld

Lagena trigonomarginata Parker and Jones, 1865 Pl

Lagena vulgaris Williamson, 1946 Mh

Lagena williamsoni Harvey & Bailey, 1854 Tt

Procerolagena amphora (Willliamson, 1848) Wo

Procerolagena clavata (d'Orbigny, 1846) Pl-Rec


Citharina strigillata (Reuss, 1846) Mh

Dentalina aculeata d'Orbigny, 1840 Mh

Dentalina advena (Cushman, 1923) Wo

Dentalina albatrossi Cushman, 1923 Po-Rec

Dentalina armata (Neugeboren, 1852) Mh

Dentalina basiplanata Cushman, 1938 Mh-Dt

Dentalina catenulata Reuss (Brady, 1884) Mh

Dentalina cf. clavulaeformis Schwager, 1878 Wn

Dentalina confluens Reuss, 1862 Mh

Dentalina crinata Plummer, 1931 Mh-Dt

Dentalina cuvieri (d’Orbigny, 1826) Tt-Rec

Dentalina decepta (Bagg, 1912) Tt-Tk

Dentalina frobisherensis Loeblich and Tappan, 1953 Wn

Dentalina gracilescens Schwager, 1866 Pl

Dentalina legumen Reuss, 1846 Mh

Dentalina lorneiana d'Orbigny, 1840 Mh

Dentalina mucronata (Neugeboren, 1856) Wn

Dentalina mutabilis (Costa, 1855) Tk-Rec*

Dentalina mutsui Hada, 1931 Wn-Rec

Dentalina obliqua (Linneaus, 1797) Sw-Tk

Dentalina obliquecostata (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Pl

Dentalina solvata Cushman, 1938 Mh

Dentalina spirans Cushman, 1940 Mh

Dentalina spirostriolata (Cushman, 1917) Po-Pl

Dentalina subcostata (Chapman, 1926) Dp-Pl

Dentalina tauricornis (Schwager, 1866) Wn

Dentalina torta Terquem, 1858 Bm

Dentalina translucens Parr, 1950 Wn

Dentalina sp. indet. Bm

Dentalinoides sp. indet. Dh-Pl

Fingerina weaveri Finger & Lipps, 1990 Tt-Wc*

Frondicularia cf. bassensis Parr, 1950 Tt*

Frondicularia brizoides Gerke, 1961 Bm

Frondicularia bulla Belford, 1960 Mh

Frondicularia goldfussi Reuss, 1860 Rm-Rt

Frondicularia compta Brady Wn

Frondicularia mucronata Karrer, 1867 Mh-Dt

Frondicularia otamitaensis Strong, 1984 E Bm

Frondicularia rakauroana (Finlay, 1939) E Mh

Frondicularia rhaetica Kristan-Tollmann, 1964 Bm

Frondicularia rhombiformis Mamontova, 1957 Bm

Frondicularia scotti Heron-Allen & Earland, 1922 E Pl-Rec

Frondicularia steinekei Finlay, 1939 E Mh

Frondicularia tenuissima Hantken, 1875 Ab-Pl

Frondicularia teuria Finlay, 1939 E Dt

Frondicularia triangularis (Styx, 1975) Bm

Frondicularia spp. indet. (3)

Grigelis neopyrula (McCulloch, 1981) Wn*

Grigelis orectus Loeblich & Tappan, 1994 Sw-Rec

Grigelis semirugosa (d'Orbigny, 1846) Lw-Rec

Grigelis schoenfeldi Hayward and Kawagata, 2013 Sw-Wc*

Laevidentalina aphelis Loeblich & Tappan, 1987 Wn-Rec

Laevidentalina ariena (Patterson and Pettis, 1986) Wn-Rec

Laevidentalina badenensis (d’Orbigny, 1846) Mh-Rec

Laevidentalina communiensis Saidova, 1975 Wn-Rec

Laevidentalina communis (d'Orbigny, 1826) Sw-Wo

Laevidentalina elegans (d’Orbigny, 1846) Po-Rec*

Laevidentalina haueri Neugeboren, 1856 Lw-Rec*

Laevidentalina notalnella Saidova, 1975 Wn-Rec

Laevidentalina obliquensis Saidova, 1975 Wn-Rec

Laevidentalina plebeia (Reuss, 1855) Wn

Laevidentalina sidebottomi (Cushman, 1933) Wn-Rec

Laevidentalina guttifera (d’Orbigny, 1846) Dt-Rec*

Lagenoglandulina annuilata (Stache, 1864) E Dp-Pl

Lingulina aghdarbandi Oberhauser, 1960 Bm

Lingulina ampliata Loeblich & Tappan, 1950 Br

Lingulina avellanoides (Kreuzberg, 1930) Pl-Tt

Lingulina bartrumi Chapman, 1926 E Lwh-Tt

Lingulina decipiens (Stache, 1864) E Ar-Pl

Lingulina esseyana Deecke, 1956 Bm

Lingulina evansi Hornibrook, 1953 E B

Lingulina tenera Bornemann, 1854 Bm

Lingulina vitrea Heron-Allen & Earland, 1932 Pl

Lingulina spp. indet. (2)

Neolingulina veijoensis McCulloch, 1977 Wn-Rec

Nodosaria affinis Reuss, 1846 Mh-Wo

Nodosaria apheiloculata Tappan, 1955 Bm

Nodosaria aspera Reuss, 1846 Mh-Dt

Nodosaria candela Franke, 1936 Bm

Nodosaria distans Reuss, 1855 Mh

Nodosaria doliolaris Parr, 1950 Po-Wn*

Nodosaria holocostata (Kristan-Tollmann, 1964) Bm

Nodosaria lamnulifera Thalmann, 1950 Tt-Wo

Nodosaria larina Tappan, 1951 Bm

Nodosaria limbata d'Orbigny, 1840 Mh

Nodosaria nebulosa (Ishizaki, 1943) Pl-Rec

Nodosaria nitidana Brand, 1964 Bm

Nodosaria obscura Reuss, 1845 Mh

Nodosaria oculina (Terquem & Berthelin, 1875) Br

Nodosaria pellita Heron-Allen and Earland, 1922 Wn-Rec

Nodosaria ploechingeri (Oberauser, 1960) Bm

Nodosaria pyrula d'Orbigny, 1826 Ab-Wn

Nodosaria sceptrum Reuss, 1863 Cn

Nodosaria simplex Silvestri, 1872 Wn-Rec

Nodosaria velascoensis Cushman, 1928 Mh

Pseudoglandulina symmetrica (Stache, 1864) E Dt-Wc

Pseudolingulina bassensis (Parr, 1950) Lw-Rec

Pseudolingulina bradii (Silvestri, 1903) Wn*

Pseudonodosaria brevis (d’Orbigny, 1846) Dm-Rec*

Pseudonodosaria comatula (Cushman, 1923) Wn-Rec

Pseudonodosaria cylindracea (Reuss, 1845) Mh

Pseudonodosaria lata (Tappan, 1951) Bm

Pseudonodosaria manifesta (Reuss, 1851) Mh

Pseudonodosaria tenuis (Bornemann, 1964) Bm

Pseudonodosaria vulgata multicamerata (Kristan-Tollman, 1964) Bm

Pyramidulina acuminata Hantken, 1875 Po-Wn

Pyramidulina callosa (Stache, 1864) E Dm-Wm

Pyramidulina hochstetteri (Schwager, 1866) Dw-Wn

Pyramidulina luzonensis (Cushman, 1921) Wn-Rec

Pyramidulina pauciloculata (Cushman, 1917) Sw-Rec

Pyramidulina raphanistriformis (Gümbel, 1862) Bm

Pyramidulina raphanus (Linnaeus, 1758) Dw-Wo

Pyramidulina substrigata (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Pl

Tristix permiana Cole, 1961 Bm

Tristix sp. indet. Lw-Wo


Mucronina compressa (Costa, 1855) Tt-Wc*

Mucronina dumontana (Reuss, 1861) Wo-Wc*

Mucronina hasta (Parker, Jones & Brady, 1865) Wo-Wn

Mucronina hornibrooki Hayward, 2013 Dw

Mucronina miocenica (Cushman, 1926) Po-Wc*

Mucronina monacantha (Reuss, 1850) Ab-Sw*

Mucronina resigae Hayward, 2013 Wc-Rec

Mucronina silvestriana (Thalmann, 1952) Wn*

Mucronina spatulata (Costa, 1855) Lwh-Wc*

Parafrondicularia antonina (Karrer, 1878) Sw-Wc*

Plectofrondicularia californica Cushman and Stewart, 1926 Po-Sw*

Plectofrondicularia concava (:Liebus, 1902) Po-Sw*

Plectofrondicularia digitalis (Neugeboren, 1850) Pl-Sc*

Plectofrondicularia irregularis (Neugeboren, 1850) Pl*

Plectofrondicularia pohana Finlay, 1947 E Sl-Wo

Plectofrondicularia proparri Finlay, 1947 E Lwh-Po

Staffia tetragona (Costa, 1855) Lw-Wn

Staffia tosta (Schwager, 1866) Pl-Wc


Amphicoryna bradii (Silvestri, 1902) Sw-Wc

Amphicoryna georgechapronierei Yassini & Jones, 1995 Wn-Rec

Amphicoryna hispida (d'Orbigny, 1846) Lwh-Rec

Amphicoryna leurodeira Loeblich and Tappan, 1994 Wn*

Amphicoryna prora Finlay, 1940 E Lwh-Pl

Amphicoryna proxima (Silvestri, 1872) Wn-Rec

Amphicoryna scalaris (Batsch, 1791) Lwh-Rec

Amphicoryna separans (Brady, 1884) Wn-Rec*

Amphicoryna sublineata (Brady, 1884) Wn-Rec

Astacolus bradyi Cushman, 1917 Ar-Rec

Astacolus compressus (Stache, 1864) E Ak-Pl

Astacolus crepidulus (Fichtel & Moll, 1798) Sw-Rec

Astacolus cretaceus (Cushman, 1937) Mh

Astacolus dorbignyi (Roemer, 1839) Bm

Astacolus haasti (Stache, 1864) E Lwh-Pl

Astacolus hemiselena Kristan-Tollmann, 1964 Bm

Astacolus insolitus (Schwager, 1866) Po-Rec

Astacolus inspissatus (Loeblich & Tappan, 1950) Op

Astacolus judyae Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Ld

Astacolus neolatus Vella, 1957 Wn-Rec

Astacolus pediacus Tappan, 1955 Bo

Astacolus vellai Saidova, 1975 Wn-Rec

Astacolus vetustus (d'Orbigny, 1850) Bm

Astacolus spp. indet. (4)

Citharina inaequistriata (Terquem, 1864) Bm

Citharina plumoides (Plummer, 1927) Mh-Dt

Citharina suturalis (Cushman, 1937) Mh

Darbyella tosaensis Takayanagi, 1953 Pl

Hemirobulina hydropica (Hornibrook, 1961) E Ar-Rec

Lenticulina acutiangulata (Terquem, 1964) Bm

Lenticulina australis (Parr, 1950) Lw-Rec

Lenticulina barretti (Srinivasan, 1966) E Ak-Lwh

Lenticulina calcar (Defrance, 1818) Pl-Rec

Lenticulina callifera (Stache, 1864) E Ar-Pl

Lenticulina colorata (Stache, 1864) E Ar-Pl

Lenticulina costata (Fichtell & Moll, 1798) Lw-Wp

Lenticulina cultrata (Montfort, 1808) Po-Rec

Lenticulina dicampyla (Franz, 1894) Lwh-Wp

Lenticulina discus (Brotzen, 1965) Dt

Lenticulina dorothiae (Finlay, 1939) E Ak-Pl

Lenticulina echinata (d'Orbigny, 1846) Po-Wo

Lenticulina erratica Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Rec

Lenticulina foliata (Stache, 1864) E Ak-Rec

Lenticulina gibba (d'Orbigny, 1839) Ar-Rec

Lenticulina gottingensis (Bornemann, 1964) Bm

Lenticulina gyroscalpra (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Pl

Lenticulina hampdenense (Hornibrook, 1961) E Dh-Ak

Lenticulina insulsa (Cushman, 1947) Mh-Dt

Lenticulina iota (Cushman, 1923) Lwh-Wc

Lenticulina lenticula (Stache, 1864) E Lwh-Po

Lenticulina limbosa (Reuss, 1863) Sw-Rec

Lenticulina loculosa (Stache, 1864) E Ak-Wp

Lenticulina lucida (Cushman, 1923) Lwh-Pl

Lenticulina macrodisca (Reuss, 1863) Mh-Dt

Lenticulina magna (Chapman, 1926) E Po

Lenticulina mamilligera (Karrer, 1864) E Lw-Wp

Lenticulina mironovi (Dain 1948) Bm

Lenticulina muensteri (Roemer, 1960) Bm

Lenticulina navarroensis (Plummer, 1927) Mh

Lenticulina nitida (Reuss, 1863) Po-Pl

Lenticulina oligostegia (Reuss, 1860) Mh

Lenticulina orbicularis (d'Orbigny, 1826) Tt-Rec

Lenticulina paparoaensis (Srinivasan, 1966) E Ak-Lwh

Lenticulina planula (Galloway & Heminway, 1941) Lwh-Wo

Lenticulina pseudocalcarata (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Pl

Lenticulina pseudocrassa Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Lenticulina pseudomamilligera (Plummer, 1927) Dt

Lenticulina pusilla (Stache, 1864) E Lwh-Po

Lenticulina regina (Karrer, 1864) E Po-Pl

Lenticulina rotulata (Lamarck, 1804) Mh

Lenticulina spissocostata (Cushman, 1938) Mh

Lenticulina subalata (Reuss, 1854) Tt

Lenticulina subgibba Parr, 1950 Tt-Rec

Lenticulina suborbicularis Parr, 1950 Sw-Rec

Lenticulina taettowata (Stache, 1864) E Ak-Lw

Lenticulina vortex (Fitchel & Moll, 1803) Lwh-Pl

Lenticulina wisselmanni Bettenstaedt, 1952 Cn

Lenticulina spp. indet. (8)

Marginulina augensiensis Saidova, 1975 Wn-Rec

Marginulina costata (Batsch, 1791) Wn-Rec

Marginulina gummi Saidova, 1975 Wn-Rec

Marginulina glabra d'Orbigny, 1826 Ak-Tt

Marginulina navarroana Cushman, 1937 Mh

Marginulina obesa (Cushman, 1923) Sw-Wo

Marginulina obliquesuturata (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Pl

Marginulina striata d’Orbigny Wn-Rec

Marginulina subbullata Hantken, 1875 Ab-Sc

Marginulina texasensis Cushman, 1937 Mh-Dt

Marginulina sp. indet. Bm

Marginulinopsis allani (Finlay, 1939) E Ar-Pl

Marginulinopsis bradyi (Goess, 1894) Wn-Rec

Marginulinopsis curvatura (Cushman, 1938) Mh

Marginulinopsis curvisepta (Cushman & Goudkoff, 1944) Rt-Mp

Marginulinopsis phragmites Loeblich & Tappan, 1950 Op

Marginulinopsis spinobesa Finlay, 1947 E Dp-Ab

Marginulinopsis spinulosus (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Ld

Marginulinopsis tenuis (Bornemann, 1855) Wn-Rec

Marginulinopsis trinitatensis (Cushman, 1937) Mh

Neoflabellina jarvisi (Cushman, 1935) Mh

Neoflabellina praereticulata Hiltermann, 1952 Mh

Neoflabellina reticulata (Reuss, 1851) Mh

Neoflabellina rugosa (d'Orbigny, 1840) Mh

Neoflabellina semireticulata (Cushman & Jarvis, 1928) Dt

Neolenticulina variabilis (Reuss, 1850) 1866 Tt-Rec

Palmula bensoni Finlay, 1939 E Ak

Palmula bivium Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Ak

Palmula deslongchampsi (Terquem, 1864) Br-Bm

Palmula marshalli (Chapman, 1926) E Ab

Palmula taranakia Finlay, 1939 E Ar-Wo

Planularia bzurae Pozaryska, 1957 Dt

Planularia formosa Keijzer, 1945 Lw-Tk

Planularia halophora (Stache, 1864) E Ar-Lw

Planularia pauperata Jones & Parker, 1860 Bm

Planularia tricarinella (Reuss, 1863) Wn-Rec

Planularia sp. indet. Wo

Saracenaria arcuatula (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Sw

Saracenaria colei Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Ar

Saracenaria italica Defrance, 1824 Pl-Rec

Saracenaria kellumi Dorreen, 1948 E Ar-Pl

Saracenaria latifrons (Brady, 1884) Pl-Rec

Saracenaria obesa Cushman & Todd, 1945 Pl

Saracenaria oxfordiana Tappan, 1955 Op

Saracenaria triangularis (d'Orbigny, 1840) Mh

Saracenaria sp. indet. Bm

Vaginulina alazanensis Nuttall Wn*

Vaginulina awamoana Hornibrook, 1961 E Pl

Vaginulina elegans d'Orbigny, 1826 Dt-Tt

Vaginulina inflata Parr, 1950 Wn-Rec

Vaginulina jurassica (Gumbel, 1862) Op

Vaginulina legumen Linnaeus, 1758 Po-Wo

Vaginulina neglecta (Karrer, 1864) E Po-Wn

Vaginulina spinigera Brady, 1881 Wn-Rec

Vaginulina subelegans Parr, 1950 Sw-Wc

Vaginulina vertebralis Parr, 1932 Wn-Rec

Vaginulina tenuissima Heron-Allen & Earland, 1932 Lw-Rec

Vaginulina vagina (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Pl

Vaginulina sp. indet. Br

Vaginulinopsis albatrossi (Cushman, 1923) Wn*

Vaginulinopsis asperuliformis (Nuttall, 1930) Ab-Ar

Vaginulinopsis carinata Kennett, 1967 E Pl-Wn

Vaginulinopsis clifdenensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Wo

Vaginulinopsis cristellata (Stache, 1864) E Lwh-Lw

Vaginulinopsis ensis (Reuss, 1845) Mh

Vaginulinopsis gnamptina Loeblich & Tappan, 1994 Wn-Rec

Vaginulinopsis hochstetteri (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Ld

Vaginulinopsis hutchinsoni Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Vaginulinopsis interrupta (Stache, 1864) E Ak-Ld

Vaginulinopsis marshalli (Finlay, 1939) E Dm-Dp

Vaginulinopsis marwicki Finlay, 1947 E Ap-Ak

Vaginulinopsis mokauensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Sl

Vaginulinopsis recta (Karrer, 1864) E Lw-Pl

Vaginulinopsis reniformis (d’Orbigny, 1846) Wn-Rec

Vaginulinopsis spinulosus (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Ld

Vaginulinopsis sublegumen Parr, 1950 Wn-Rec*

Vaginulinopsis tasmanica Parr, 1950 Wn-Rec

Vaginulinopsis waiparaensis (Finlay, 1939) E Dw-Dp

Vaginulinopsis zeacarinata Kennett, 1967 E Sc-Wo

Vaginulinopsis spp. indet. (4)



Bifarilaminella advena (Cushman, 1923) Wo-Rec

Cushmanina desmophora (Rymer Jones, 1872) Ar-Pl

Cushmanina striatopunctata (Parker and Jones, 1865) Lw-Pl

Fissurina alveolata (Brady, 1884) Po-Pl

Fissurina annectens (Burrows and Holland, 1895) Tk

Fissurina aperta Seguenza, 1862 Po-Pl

Fissurina aureoligera (Buchner, 1940) Po-Pl

Fissurina biancae Seguenza, 1862 Po-Pl

Fissurina bicarinata Terquem, 1882 Sw-Tt

Fissurina bradii Silvestri, 1902 Po-Pl

Fissurina carinata Reuss, 1863 Mh

Fissurina clathrata (Brady, 1884) Lw-Rec

Fissurina clypeatomarginata (Jones, 1872) Po-Pl

Fissurina crenulata (Cushman, 1913) Po-Pl

Fissurina fimbriata (Brady, 1881) Pl

Fissurina formosa (Schwager, 1866) Ar-Pl

Fissurina kerguelenensis Parr, 1950 Tt

Fissurina laevigata Reuss, 1850 Po-Rec

Fissurina lagenoides (Williamson, 1858) Lw-Pl

Fissurina lucida (Williamson, 1848) Ld-Rec

Fissurina marginata (Montagu, 1803) Mh-Rec

Fissurina marylandica Nogan, 1964 Mh

Fissurina orbignyana Seguenza, 1862 Mh-Rec

Fissurina quadrata (Williamson, 1858) Lw-Rec

Fissurina staphyllearia Schwager, 1866 Sw

Fissurina submarginata Boomgaart, 1949 Sw-Wo

Fissurina wrightiana (Brady, 1881) Tk

Fissurina yokoyamae (Millett, 1895) Ld-Wm

Oolina botelliformis (Brady, 1881) Po-Pl

Oolina collaris (Cushman, 1913) Po-Pl

Oolina felsinea (Fornasini, 1901) Po-Pl

Oolina globosa (Montagu, 1803) Ar-Pl

Oolina hexagona (Williamson, 1848) Ar-Rec

Oolina hispida (Reuss, 1863) Ar-Pl

Oolina squamosa (Montagu, 1803) Lw-Pl

Parafissurina botelliformis (Brady, 1881) Pl-Pl

Parafissurina lateralis (Cushman, 1913) Wo

Ventrostoma scaphaeformis (Parr, 1950 )  Pl-Rec


Glandulina ovula d’Orbigny, 1846 Wn-Rec*

Seabrookia pellucida Brady, 1890 Sw-Rec


Bullopora collarata Kristan-Tollmann, 1964 Bm

Bullopora globulata Barnard, 1949 Bm

Bullopora rugosa Paalzow, 1932 Bm

Eoguttulina ovigera (Terquem, 1864) Br

Globulina gibba (d’Orbigny, 1826) Ab-Lw

Globulina lacrima Reuss, 1946 Mh

Globulina minima Bornemann, 1855 Tt

Globulina minuta (Roemer, 1838) Wo

Globulina polita (Terquem, 1882) Ab-Lw

Globulina prisca Reuss, 1863 Mh

Globulina subsphaerica (Berthelin, 1880) Mh

Guttulina adhaerens (Olszewski, 1875) Mh

Guttulina austriaca d'Orbigny, 1846 Ld-Pl

Guttulina bartschi Cushman & Ozawa, 1930 Tt-Rec

Guttulina caudita d'Orbigny, 1900 Mh

Guttulina clifdenensis Parr, 1937 Sc

Guttulina fissurata Stache, 1864 E Ab-Pl

Guttulina hantkeni Cushman & Ozawa, 1930 Mh

Guttulina otiakensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld

Guttulina problema d'Orbigny, 1826 Ab-Rec

Guttulina regina (Brady, Parker & Jones, 1870) Lwh-Rec

Guttulina seguenzana (Brady, 1884) Ab-Rec

Guttulina trigonula (Reuss, 1846) Mh-Dt

Guttulina yabei Cushman & Ozawa, 1929 Ab-Rec

Polymorphina complanata d'Orbigny, 1846 Ar-Lwh

Polymorphina incavata Stache, 1864 E Lwh-Po

Polymorphina lingulata Stache, 1864 E Ar-Lw

Polymorphina marshalli Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld-Lw

Polymorphina marwicki Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld-Po

Polymorphina waitakiensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld-Po

Polymorphina sp. indet. Ak-Ar

Pseudopolymorphina allani Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld

Pseudopolymorphina cuyleri Plummer, 1931 Mh

Pseudopolymorphina digitata (d'Orbigny, 1843) Mh

Pseudopolymorphina parri Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Ld

Pyrulina cylindroides (Roemer, 1838) Mh-Lw

Pyrulina fusiformis (Roemer, 1838) Ld-Rec

Pyrulina labiata (Schwager, 1866) Po-Wm*

Pyrulinoides metensis (Terquem, 1864) Bw

Ramulina aculeata Wright, 1886 Cu-Cn

Ramulina globulifera Brady, 1879 Po-Rec

Ramulina navarroana Cushman, 1938 Mh

Sigmoidella bortonica Finlay, 1939 E Dh

Sigmoidella elegantissima (Parker & Jones, 1870) Lwh-Rec

Sigmoidella kagaensis Cushman & Ozawa, 1928 Ld-Rec

Sigmoidella pacifica Cushman & Ozawa, 1928 Po-Rec

Sigmomorphina haeusleri Parr & Collins, 1937 Ld

Sigmomorphina lacrimosa Vella, 1957 E Sw-Rec

Sigmomorphina lornensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Ak-Ar

Sigmomorphina obesa Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar-Ld

Sigmomorphina pernaeformis (Stache, 1864) E Dp-Lwh

Sigmomorphina williamsoni (Terquem, 1878) Ar-Wn

Sigmomorphina sp. indet. Bm



Cryptoseptida fragilis (Sellier de Civrieux & Dessauvagie, 1965) Perm

Frondina appressaria Sosnina, 1978 Perm

Frondina permica de Civrieux & Dessauvagie, 1965 Perm

Protonodosaria? sp. indet. Perm

Grillina grilli Kristan-Tollmann, 1964 Bm

Ichthyolaria squamosa (Terquem & Berthelin, 1875) Bm

Ichthyolaria sulcata (Bornemann, 1854) Bm

Ichthyolaria terquemi (d'Orbigny, 1850) Bm


Partisania cf. flangensis Sosnina, 1978 Perm


Robuloides cf. acutus Reichel, 1945 Perm

Robuloides cf. lens Reichel, 1945 Perm

Robuloides cf. reicheli (Reitlinger, 1965) Perm


Rectostipulina quadrata Jenny-Deshusses, 1985 Perm





Ceratobulimina awamoana Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Sl

Ceratobulimina kellumi Finlay, 1939 E Lwh-Tt

Ceratobulimina lornensis Finlay, 1939 E Ak-Ar

Ceratobulimina spp. indet. (2)

Ceratocancris clifdenensis Finlay, 1939 E Po-Tt

Ceratocancris hortalveus Finlay, 1947 E Ab-Ak

Ceratolamarckina clarki Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Lwh

Lamarckina novozealandica Dorreen, 1948 E Ak-Lwh

Lamarckina turgida Dorreen, 1948 E Ak-Lwh

Praelamarckina sp. indet. Op

Vellaena zealandica Srinivasan, 1966 E Ar-Lwh

Zelamarkina excavata Collen, 1972 E Wm


Epistomina bensoni (Stoneley, 1962) E Cu

Epistomina elegans (d'Orbigny, 1826) Ab-Rec



Colomia austrotrochus Taylor, 1964 Mh



Cerobertina bartrumi Finlay, 1939 E Po-Sw

Cerobertina crepidula Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Sw

Cerobertina kakahoica Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Lwh

Cerobertina mahoenuica Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Sl

Robertina lornensis Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Ar

Robertina pukeuriensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Tt





Beella digitata (Brady, 1879) Sc

Globigerina ampliapertura Bolli, 1957 Ar-Lwh

Globigerina angiporoides Hornibrook, 1965 Lwh

Globigerina a. minima Jenkins, 1966 Dp-Ak

Globigerina apertura Cushman, 1918 Wo-Wp

Globigerina boweri Bolli, 1957 Dm-Dp

Globigerina brazieri Jenkins, 1966 Lw

Globigerina brevis Jenkins, 1966 Ar-Lwh

Globigerina bulloides d'Orbigny, 1826 Lwh-Rec

Globigerina ciperoensis angulisuturalis Bolli, 1957 Lwh-Lw

Globigerina c. angustiumbilicata Bolli, 1957 Lwh-Tt

Globigerina c. ciperoensis Bolli, 1954 Lwh-Pl

Globigerina druryi Akers, 1955 Sw-Tt

Globigerina eamesi Blow, 1959 Lwh-Wc

Globigerina euapertura Jenkins, 1960 Lwh-Lw

Globigerina eugubina Luterbacher & Premoli Silva, 1964 Dt

Globigerina falconensis Blow, 1959 Pl-Rec

Globigerina foliata Bolli, 1957 Pl-Wn

Globigerina fringa Subbotina, 1950 Dt

Globigerina higginsi (Bolli, 1957) Dm-Ab

Globigerina juvenilis Bolli, 1957 Ld-Wq

Globigerina labiacrassata Jenkins, 1966 Lwh-Lw

Globigerina linaperta Finlay, 1939 Dp-Ar

Globigerina nepenthes Todd, 1957 Sw-Wo

Globigerina ouachitaensis Howe & Wallace, 1932 Ab-Pl

Globigerina parabulloides Blow, 1959 Tt-Wo

Globigerina pauciloculata Jenkins, 1966 Dt

Globigerina praebulloides Blow, 1959 Sw-Wo

Globigerina praeturritilina Blow & Banner, 1962 Ar-Lwh

Globigerina quinqueloba Natland, 1938 Po-Rec

Globigerina simplissima (Blow, 1979) Dt

Globigerina spiralis Bolli, 1957 Dt-Dw

Globigerina trilocularis d'Orbigny, 1826 Tk

Globigerina triloculinoides Plummer, 1926 Dt-Dm

Globigerina venezuelana Hedberg, 1937 Pl

Globigerina woodi Jenkins, 1960 Lw-Wn

Globigerina w. connecta Jenkins, 1964 Lw-Pl

Globigerina w. decoraperta Takayanagi & Saito, 1962 Sl-Wq

Globigerinatella insueta Cushman & Stainforth, 1945 Sc

Globigerinella aequilateralis (Brady, 1879) Tt-Rec

Globigerinella obesa (Bolli, 1957) Lwh-Lw

Globigerinoides altiaperturus Bolli, 1957 Po-Pl

Globigerinoides apertasuturalis Jenkins, 1960 Lwh-Tt

Globigerinoides bisphericus Todd, 1954 Pl-Sc

Globigerinoides conglobatus (Brady, 1879) Wm-Rec

Globigerinoides inusitatus Jenkins, 1966 Ld-Lw

Globigerinoides obliquus Bolli, 1957 Sc-Wm

Globigerinoides o. extremus Bolli & Bermudez, 1965 Wn

Globigerinoides ruber (d'Orbigny 1839) Pl-Wq

Globigerinoides sacculifer (Brady, 1877) Tt-Wp

Globigerinoides sicanus de Stefani, 1950 Sc

Globigerinoides trilobus (Reuss, 1850) Pl-Wn

Neoacarinina blowi Thompson, 1973 Wc

Orbulina suturalis (Brönnimann, 1951) Sl-Sw

Orbulina universa d'Orbigny, 1839 Sl-Rec

Praeorbulina circularis (Blow, 1956) Sc-Sl

Praeorbulina curva (Blow, 1956) Sc

Praeorbulina glomerosa (Blow, 1956) Sc-Sl

Sphaeroidinella seminulina (Schwager, 1866) Tt-Wo

Sphaeroidinellopsis disjuncta (Finlay, 1940) Pl-Sw

Sphaeroidinellopsis grimsdalei (Keijzer, 1957) Sl-Sw

Sphaeroidinellopsis kochi (Caudry, 1934) Sl

Sphaeroidinellopsis paenedehiscens Blow, 1969 Tt


Hastigerina pelagica (d'Orbigny, 1839) Wo-Rec



Candeina zeocenica Hornibrook & Jenkins, 1965 Dp-Lwh

Globigerinita glutinata (Egger, 1893) Sw-Rec

Globigerinita iota Parker, 1962 Lw-Rec

Globigerinita uvula (Ehrenberg, 1861) Lwh-Rec

Tenuitella gemma Jenkins, 1966 Ar-Lwh

Tenuitella insolita Jenkins, 1966 Ak-Lwh


Catapsydrax dissimilis (Cushman & Bermudez, 1937) Lw-Pl

Catapsydrax echinatus Bolli, 1957 Ab-Ar

Catapsydrax martini (Blow & Banner, 1962) Ar-Lwh

Catapsydrax parvulus Bolli, Loeblich & Tappan, 1957 Sl-Tt

Catapsydrax stainforthi Bolli, Loeblich & Tappan, 1957 Pl-Sc

Catapsydrax unicavus Bolli, Loeblich & Tappan, 1957 Po-Pl

Globoquadrina altispira (Cushman & Jarvis, 1936) Sl-Sw

Globoquadrina dehiscens (Chapman, Parr & Collins, 1934) Lw-Tt

Globoquadrina langhiana Cita & Gelati, 1960 Sc-Sl

Globoquadrina larmeui Akers, 1955 Pl

Globoquadrina tripartita (Koch, 1926) Ld-Pl

Globorotaloides cancellata (Pessagno, 1963) Lwh-Lw

Globorotaloides suteri Bolli, 1957 Ak-Sl

Globorotaloides testarugosus (Jenkins, 1960) Lwh-Ld

Globorotaloides turgidus (Finlay, 1939) Dt-Ak


Globoconusa daubjergensis (Brönnimann, 1953) Dt


Fohsella kugleri (Bolli, 1957) Ld-Po

Fohsella peripheroacuta (Blow & Banner, 1966) Sw

Fohsella peripheroronda (Blow & Banner, 1966) Pl-Sw

Globorotalia aculeata Jenkins, 1966 Ab-Ak

Globorotalia amuria Scott, Bishop & Burt, 1990 Sc-Sw

Globorotalia cavernula Bé, 1967 Wh-Rec

Globorotalia centralis Cushman & Bermudez, 1937Ab-Ar

Globorotalia challengeri Srinivasan & Kennett, 1981 Sw

Globorotalia conica Jenkins, 1960 Sc-Sw

Globorotalia crassacarina Scott, Bishop & Burt, 1990 Wn-Wc

Globorotalia crassaconica Hornibrook, 1981 Wo-Wp

Globorotalia crassaformis (Galloway & Wissler, 1927) Tk-Wn

Globorotalia crassula Cushman & Stuart, 1930 Wn-Rec

Globorotalia crozetensis Thompson, 1973 Wo-Wc

Globorotalia explicationis Jenkins, 1967 Sl-Tk

Globorotalia hirsuta (d'Orbigny, 1839) Wc-Rec

Globorotalia incognita Walters, 1965 Po-Pl

Globorotalia increbescens (Bandy, 1949) Ab-Ak

Globorotalia inflata (d'Orbigny 1839) Wo-Rec

Globorotalia i. triangula Theyer, 1973 Wp-Wn

Globorotalia juanai Bermudez & Bolli, 1969 Tt-Tk

Globorotalia kingmai Scott, Bishop & Burt, 1990 Pl

Globorotalia margaritae Bolli & Bermudez, 1965 Tk-Wo

Globorotalia menardii (Parker, Jones & Brady, 1865) Sw-Wn

Globorotalia minutissima Bolli, 1957 Po-Sc

Globorotalia miotumida Jenkins, 1960 Sl-Tk

Globorotalia miozea Finlay, 1939 Pl-Sc

Globorotalia m. wabagensis Bellford, 1984 Pl-Sl

Globorotalia mons Hornibrook, 1982 Tk-Wo

Globorotalia munda Jenkins, 1966 Lwh-Ld

Globorotalia opima Bolli, 1957 Lwh-Ld

Globorotalia panda Jenkins, 1960 Sl-Tt

Globorotalia paniae Scott, Bishop & Burt, 1990 Sc-Sw

Globorotalia pliozea Hornibrook, 1982 Tk-Wo

Globorotalia praehirsuta Blow, 1969 Wp

Globorotalia praemenardii Cushman & Stainforth, 1945 Sc-Sl

Globorotalia praescitula Blow, 1959 Pl-Pl

Globorotalia pseudobulloides (Plummer, 1926) Dt

Globorotalia puncticulata (Deshayes, 1832) Wo-Wp

Globorotalia puncticuloides Hornibrook, 1981 Wp-Wc

Globorotalia scitula (Brady, 1882) Sw-Rec

Globorotalia sphericomiozea Walters, 1965 Tk

Globorotalia subconomiozea Bandy, 1975 Wo-Wp

Globorotalia tosaensis Takayanagi & Saito, 1962 Wp-Wc

Globorotalia truncatulinoides (d'Orbigny, 1839) Wc-Rec

Globorotalia tumida (Brady, 1877) Wo-Rec

Globorotalia zealandica (Hornibrook, 1961) Pl-Sc

Neogloboquadrina acostaensis (Blow, 1959) Tk-Wo

Neogloboquadrina dutertrei (d'Orbigny, 1839) Tt-Rec

Neogloboquadrina humerosa (Takayanagi & Saito, 1962) Tk

Neogloboquadrina incompta (Cifelli, 1961) Tt-Rec

Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (Ehrenberg, 1861) Tt-Rec

Paragloborotalia barisanensis (Le Roy, 1939) Sc-Sl

Paragloborotalia bella (Jenkins, 1967) Pl-Sc

Paragloborotalia continuosa (Blow, 1959) Sl-Tt

Paragloborotalia mayeri (Cushman & Ellisor, 1939) Sc-Tt

Paragloborotalia nana (Bolli, 1957) Ak-Sc

Paragloborotalia nympha (Jenkins, 1967) Sw-Tt

Paragloborotalia pseudocontinuosa (Jenkins, 1967) Lwh-Sl

Paragloborotalia semivera (Hornibrook, 1961) Lwh-Sc

Planorotalites australiformis Jenkins, 1966 Dw-Dp

Planorotalites laevigata Bolli, 1957 Dt-Dh

Planorotalites pseudomenardii Bolli, 1957 Dt-Dw

Planorotalites pseudoscitula Glaessner, 1937 Dw

Planorotalites renzi Bolli, 1957 Ab-Ak

Turborotalia griffinae (Blow, 1979) Dm

Turborotalia praecentralis (Haque, 1966) Dm

Turborotalia reissi Loeblich & Tappan, 1957 Dw


Pulleniatina primalis Banner & Blow, 1967 Tk-Wo


Acarinina acarinata (Subbotina, 1953) Dt

Acarinina aquiensis (Loeblich & Tappan, 1957) Dw

Acarinina convexa Subbotina, 1953 Dt

Acarinina cuneicamerata (Blow, 1979) Dm

Acarinina esnaensis (Le Roy, 1953) Dw

Acarinina mckannai (White, 1928) Dt-Ab

Acarinina soldadoensis (Brönnimann, 1952) Dw-Dh

Acarinina spinoinflata (Bandy, 1949) Ab

Acarinina strabocella Loeblich & Tappan, 1957 Dw

Globigerapsis index (Finlay, 1939) Ab-Ar

Globigerapsis i. barri (Bronnimann, 1952) Ab-Ar

Globigerapsis semiinvoluta (Keijzer, 1945) Ar

Morozovella acuta (Toulmin, 1941) Dw

Morozovella aequa Cushman & Renz, 1942 Dw

Morozovella a. bullata Jenkins, 1966 Dw

Morozovella a. marginodentata Subbotina, 1953 Dw

Morozovella aequa rex Martin, 1943 Dw-Dh

Morozovella angulata (White, 1928) Wp

Morozovella apanthesma Loeblich & Tappan, 1957 Dt-Dw

Morozovella crater Finlay, 1939 E Dm-Dh

Morozovella c. caucasica Glaessner, 1937 Dm-Dh

Morozovella dolabrata (Jenkins, 1966) Dw-Dh

Morozovella gracilis Bolli, 1957 Dw

Morozovella velascoensis (Cushman, 1925) Dw

Morozovella v. parva Rey, 1955 Dw

Pseudogloboquadrina primitiva (Finlay, 1947) Dw-Ak

Testacarinata inconspicua Howe, 1939 Ab-Ak

Truncorotaloides collactea (Finlay, 1939) Dm-Ak

Truncorotaloides mayoensis Brönnimann & Bermudez, 1953 Dh

Truncorotaloides pseudotopilensis (Subbotina, 1953) Dw-Ab

Truncorotaloides topilensis (Cushman, 1925) Ab



Abathomphalus intermedius (Bolli, 1951) Mh

Abathomphalus mayaroensis (Bolli, 1951) Mh

Dicarinella canaliculata (Reuss, 1854) Rm-Rt

Globotruncana cretacea (d'Orbigny, 1840) Rm-Mp

Globotruncana inornata Bolli, 1957 Rm-Mp

Globotruncana rosetta (Carsey, 1926) Mh

Globotruncanella havanensis (Voorwijk, 1937) Mh

Globotruncanella petaloides (Gandolfi, 1955) Mh

Globotruncanita stuarti (de Lapparent, 1918) Mh

Rugotruncana circumnodifer (Finlay, 1940) Mh


Rugoglobigerina macrocephala Brönnimann, 1952 Mh

Rugoglobigerina milamensis Smith & Pessagno, 1973 Mh

Rugoglobigerina pennyi Brönnimann, 1952 Mh

Rugoglobigerina pilula Belford, 1960 Rm-Mp

Rugoglobigerina pustulata Brönnimann, 1952 Mh

Rugoglobigerina rotundata Brönnimann, 1952 Mh

Rugoglobigerina rugosa (Plummer, 1927) Mh

Rugoglobigerina sp. indet. Mh



Cassigerinella chipolensis (Cushman & Ponton, 1932) Lwh-Sc


Globanomalina compressa (Plummer, 1926) Dt

Globanomalina wilcoxensis (Cushman & Ponton, 1932) Dw

Pseudohastigerina micra (Cole, 1927) Dw-Lwh


Hantkenina alabamensis Cushman, 1925 Ak-Ar

Hantkenina australis Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Ak



Chiloguembelina crinita (Glaessner, 1937) Dt-Dw

Chiloguembelina cubensis (Palmer, 1934) Lwh-Ld

Chiloguembelina ototara (Finlay, 1940) Ab-Lwh

Chiloguembelina subtriangularis Beckmann, 1957 Dt

Chiloguembelina trinitatensis (Cushman & Renz, 1942) Dw

Chiloguembelina waiparaensis Jenkins, 1966 Dt-Dw

Streptochilus pristinus Brönnimann & Resig, 1971 Ld-Lw

Zeauvigerina parri Finlay, 1939 Dm-Ak

Zeauvigerina teuria Finlay, 1947 Dt

Zeauvigerina zelandica Finlay, 1939 Dw-Ar

Zeauvigerina spp. indet. (2) Lw


Guembelitria cretacea Cushman, 1933 Mh-Dt

Guembelitria harrisi Tappan, 1940 Cn

Guembelitria triseriata (Terquem, 1882) Dw-Ld


Gublerina glaessneri Brönnimann & Browne, 1953 Mh

Gublerina sp. indet. Mh

Heterohelix glabrans (Cushman, 1938) Mh

Heterohelix globulosa (Ehrenberg, 1840) Ra-Mh

Heterohelix navarroensis Loeblich, 1951 Mh

Heterohelix pulchra (Brotzen, 1936) Mh

Heterohelix punctulata (Cushman, 1938) Mh

Heterohelix striata (Ehrenberg, 1840) Mh

Pseudotextularia deformis (Kikoine, 1948) Mh

Pseudotextularia elegans (Rzehak, 1891) Mh



Globigerinelloides messinae (Brönnimann, 1952) Mh

Globigerinelloides multispina (Lalicker, 1948) Mh

Globigerinelloides subcarinata Brönnimann, 1952 Mh

Globigerinelloides volutus (White, 1928) Mh



Hedbergella cf. gorbachikae (Longoria, 1974) Cu-Cm

Hedbergella delrioensis (Carsey, 1926) Cu-Ra

Hedbergella holmdelensis Olsson, 1964 Rm-Mp

Hedbergella hoterivica (Subbotina, 1953) Cu-Cm

Hedbergella monmouthensis (Olsson, 1960) Mh

Hedbergella planispira (Tappan, 1940) Cu-Cn

Hedbergella sliteri Huber, 1990 Mh

Hedbergella sp. indet.

Praeglobotruncana novozealandica Stoneley, 1962 Cu

Whiteinella brittonensis (Loeblich & Tappan, 1961) Cn-Ra





Bolivina acerosa Cushman, 1936 Lw-Wo

Bolivina affiliata Finlay, 1939 E Pl-Wn

Bolivina alata (Seguenza, 1862) Lw-Rec

Bolivina albatrossi Cushman, 1922 Sl-Wn

Bolivina barnwelli Finlay, 1947 E Sl-Wo

Bolivina beyrichi Reuss, 1851 Lwh-Wn

Bolivina cacozela Vella, 1957 E Wo-Rec

Bolivina finlayi Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Sl

Bolivina fyfei Hornibrook, 1958 E Tk-Wn

Bolivina hornibrooki Collen, 1972 E Pl-Wc

Bolivina incrassata Reuss, 1851 Mh

Bolivina lapsus Finlay, 1939 E Lwh-Wn

Bolivina lutosa Finlay, 1947 E Sl-Sw

Bolivina mahoenuica Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Sl

Bolivina mantaensis Cushman, 1929 Po-Pl

Bolivina mitcheli Gibson, 1967 E Po-Tk

Bolivina moodyensis Cushman & Todd, 1945 Ak-Lwh

Bolivina neocompacta McCulloch, 1981 Wc-Rec

Bolivina parri Cushman, 1936 Wo-Wc

Bolivina petiae Gibson, 1967 E Sw-Wo

Bolivina plicatella Cushman, 1930 Ab-Wn

Bolivina p. mera Cushman & Ponton, 1932 Po-Pl

Bolivina pontis Finlay, 1939 E Ar-Lwh

Bolivina pseudolobata Yassini & Jones, 1995 Pl-Rec

Bolivina pseudoplicata Heron-Allen & Earland, 1930 Sl-Rec

Bolivina pukeuriensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Bolivina punctatostriata Kreuzberg, 1930 Pl

Bolivina pusilla Schwager, 1866 Po-Rec*

Bolivina pygmaea (Brady, 1881) Tt-Rec*

Bolivina reticulata Hantken, 1875 Lwh-Sw

Bolivina robusta Brady, 1881 Wm-Rec

Bolivina seminuda (Cushman, 1911) Tt-Rec

Bolivina semitruncata Hornibrook, 1961 E Ld-Sw

Bolivina silvestrina Cushman, 1936 Po-Pl

Bolivina spathulata (Williamson, 1858) Sl-Rec

Bolivina srinivasani (Kennett, 1967) E Wo

Bolivina subcompacta Finlay, 1947 E Lw-Sw

Bolivina targetensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Bolivina tectiformis Cushman, 1926 Lwh-Lw

Bolivina turbiditorum Vella, 1963 E Tk

Bolivina variabilis (Williamson, 1858) Ld-Rec

Bolivina vellai Collen, 1972 E Wo-Wc

Bolivina wanganuiensis Collen, 1972 E Wo-Wc

Bolivina watti Gibson, 1967 E Sw-Wo

Bolivina zedirecta Finlay, 1947 E Pl-Tk

Bolivina spp. indet. (10)

Loxostomoides bortonica (Finlay, 1939) E Dw-Ar

Tappanina glaessneri (Finlay, 1947) E Dw

Tappanina olsoni (Hornibrook, 1961) E Ak-Lwh


Bolivinoides delicatulus Cushman, 1927 Dt

Bolivinoides dorreeni Finlay, 1940 E Mh

Bolivinoides draco (Marsson, 1878) Mh

Bolivinoides petersoni Brotzen, 1945Mh



Abditodentrix pseudothalmanni (Boltovskoy & Guissani de Kahn, 1981) Po-Rec

Bolivinita compressa Finlay, 1939 E Tt-Wn

Bolivinita elegantissima Boomgart, 1949 Sw-Wo

Bolivinita finlayi Kennett, 1967 E Tk-Wo

Bolivinita pliobliqua Vella, 1963 E Tt

Bolivinita pliozea Finlay, 1939 E Tt-Wc

Bolivinita pohana Finlay, 1939 E Tt-Wo

Bolivinita quadrilatera (Schwager, 1866) Tt-Rec

Bolivinita spp. indet. (3)



Buliminella browni Finlay, 1939 E Dw-Dh

Buliminella carseyae Plummer, 1931 Mh

Buliminella creta Finlay, 1939 E Dt

Buliminella elegantissima d’Orbigny, 1839 Pl-Rec

Buliminella grata Parker & Bermudez, 1937 Lw-Po

Buliminella missilis Vella, 1963 E Lwh-Tk

Buliminella spicata Cushman & Parker, 1942 Lw-Po

Buliminella sp. indet. Sl-Sw


Bulimina bortonica Finlay, 1939 E Ab

Bulimina bremneri Finlay, 1940 E Po-Wo

Bulimina elongata d'Orbigny, 1826 Wn-Rec

Bulimina exilis Brady, 1884 Tt-Rec

Bulimina forticosta Finlay, 1940 E Ar-Lwh

Bulimina mapiria Finlay, 1940 E Tt

Bulimina marginata f. acanthia Costa, 1856 Wc-Rec

Bulimina m. f. aculeata d’Orbigny, 1826 Tk-Rec

Bulimina m. f. marginata d’Orbigny, 1826 Wo-Rec

Bulimina midwayensis Cushman & Parker, 1936 Mh-Dt

Bulimina miolaevis Finlay, 1940 E Lwh-Tk

Bulimina navarroensis Cushman & Parker, 1946 Dt

Bulimina pahiensis Finlay, 1940 E Dp-Ab

Bulimina prolixa Cushman & Parker, 1935 Mh-Dw

Bulimina quadrata Plummer, 1927 Dt

Bulimina rakauroana Finlay, 1940 E Mh

Bulimina scobinata Finlay, 1940 E Lwh-Lw

Bulimina senta Finlay, 1940 E Lw-Tt

Bulimina serratospina Finlay, 1947 E Dw-Dh

Bulimina striata d'Orbigny, 1826 Ab-Rec

Bulimina truncana Gumbel, 1868 Lw-Rec

Bulimina truncanella Finlay, 1940 E Dw-Tt

Bulimina tuxpamensis Cole, 1928 Dt-Dh

Bulimina vellai Gibson, 1967 E Tt

Bulimina spp. indet. (4)

Globobulimina kickapooensis Cole, 1938 Mh-Dt

Globobulimina montereyana (Kleinpell, 1938) Po-Tt

Globobulimina pacifica Cushman, 1927 Ld-Rec

Globobulimina perversa (Cushman, 1921) Tt

Globobulimina pupula (Stache, 1864) Ab-Tt

Globobulimina turgida (Bailey, 1851) Ld-Rec

Praeglobobulimina pupoides (d’Orbigny, 1846) Sw-Tt

Praeglobobulimina spinescens (Brady, 1884) Tt-Rec


Finlayina hornibrooki Hayward & Morgans, 1981 E Lwh

Pavonina triformis Parr, 1933 Pl-Sw


Chrysalidinella costata (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1924) Pl

Reusella szajnochae (Grzybowski, 1896) Mh

Reussella attenuata Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar-Ld

Reussella finlayi Dorreen, 1948 E Ak-Ld

Reussella spinulosa (Reuss, 1850) Po-Rec

Reussella sp. indet. Ld


Rectobolivina hangaroana Finlay, 1940 E Tt

Rectobolivina maoria Finlay, 1939 E Pl-Wn

Rectobolivina maoriella Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Tt

Rectobolivina parvula Finlay, 1939 E Sc-Tt

Rectobolivina striatula (Cushman, 1917) Tt-Rec

Rectuvigerina clifdenensis Hornibrook, 1989 E Ar-Lwh

Rectuvigerina ongleyi (Finlay, 1939) E Lw-Tk

Rectuvigerina pohana (Finlay, 1939) E Tt-Wo

Rectuvigerina postprandia (Finlay, 1939) E Ar-Lwh

Rectuvigerina prisca (Finlay, 1939) E Ab-Ak

Rectuvigerina rerensis (Finlay, 1939) E Lw-Sc

Rectuvigerina ruatoria (Vella, 1961) E Pl-Sw

Rectuvigerina striata (Schwager, 1866) Wo-Wn*

Rectuvigerina striatissima (Stache, 1864) E Lwh-Ld

Rectuvigerina vesca (Finlay, 1939) E Sl-Sw

Rectuvigerina spp. indet. (3) Dw

Saidovina karreriana (Brady, 1881) Wq-Rec

Saidovina subangularis (Brady, 1881) Sc

Tritubulogenerina waiparaensis (Hornibrook, 1958) E Mh-Dt

Tubulogenerina haywardi Gibson, 1989 E Pl


Kolesnikovella australis (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1924) Ab-Tt

Kolesnikovella zealandica Kennett, 1967 E Tt-Tk

Neouvigerina ampullacea (Brady, 1884) Tt-Rec

Neouvigerina aotea Vella, 1961 E Pl

Neouvigerina auberiana d’Orbigny, 1839 Tt-Rec

Neouvigerina bellula Vella, 1963 E Wo

Neouvigerina canariensis (d'Orbigny, 1839) Lwh-Wn

Neouvigerina eketahuna Vella, 1963 E Tt-Tk

Neouvigerina hispida (Schwager, 1866) Sl-Rec

Neouvigerina interrupta (Brady, 1879) Pl-Rec

Neouvigerina moorei Vella, 1961 E Sl-Sw

Neouvigerina plebeja Vella, 1961 E Po-Sl

Neouvigerina p. waiapuensis Vella, 1961 E Po

Neouvigerina proboscidea (Schwager, 1866) Po-Rec

Neouvigerina toddi Vella, 1961 E Sc

Neouvigerina vadescens (Cushman, 1933) Wo-Rec

Trifarina angulosa (Williamson, 1858) Tt-Rec

Trifarina bradyi Cushman, 1923 Ab-Rec

Trifarina continua Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Pl

Trifarina costornata (Hornibrook, 1961) E Po-Sw

Trifarina edwardsi Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Ar

Trifarina elliptica (Dorreen, 1948) E Ak-Lwh

Trifarina esuriens Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Wn

Trifarina juniornata Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Sw

Trifarina kaiata Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Lwh

Trifarina occidentalis (Cushman, 1923) Tt-Rec

Trifarina oligocaenica (Andreae, 1894) Ld-Po

Trifarina ototara (Hornibrook, 1961) E Ak-Ld

Trifarina parva Hornibrook, 1961 E Ab-Sl

Trifarina tortuosa (Hornibrook, 1961) E Lw-Sw

Trifarina spp. indet. (7)

Uvigerina bortotara (Finlay, 1939) E Ab-Lwh

Uvigerina b. costata Dorreen, 1948 E Ab-Ar

Uvigerina bradleyi (Srinivasan, 1966) E Ak-Ar

Uvigerina bradyana Fornasini, 1900 Tt-Rec

Uvigerina delicatula (Vella, 1961) E Tt-Wo

Uvigerina dorreeni Finlay, 1939 E Ld-Po

Uvigerina euteres (Vella, 1961) E Tt-Tk

Uvigerina gargantua (Vella, 1961) E Sl

Uvigerina lutorum (Vella, 1963) E Sw-Wo

Uvigerina mata (Vella, 1961) E Pl-Sc

Uvigerina m. zealta (Vella, 1961) E Sl-Sw

Uvigerina maynei Chapman, 1926 E Lwh-Lw

Uvigerina minima (Vella, 1961) E Pl-Sl

Uvigerina mioschwageri Finlay, 1939 E Sl-Sw

Uvigerina miozea Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Sc

Uvigerina paeniteres Finlay, 1939 E Pl-Tt

Uvigerina peregrina Cushman, 1923 Tt-Rec

Uvigerina picki (Vella, 1961) E Lw-Po

Uvigerina pliozea (Vella, 1963) E Wo-Wn

Uvigerina primigena (Vella, 1961) E Sl

Uvigerina pseudojavana (Vella, 1961) E Tt

Uvigerina pygmea d'Orbigny, 1826 Tt-Wn

Uvigerina rodleyi (Vella, 1963) E Sw-Wc

Uvigerina r. tutamoides (Vella, 1963) E Wo-Wp

Uvigerina semiteres (Vella, 1961) E Sl

Uvigerina taranakia (Vella, 1961) E Tt-Tk

Uvigerina tutamoea (Vella, 1961) E Sc-Tt

Uvigerina t. altonica (Vella, 1961) E Pl

Uvigerina wanzea (Finlay, 1939) E Dp-Ab

Uvigerina whakatua (Vella, 1961) E Pl

Uvigerina zeacuminata (Vella, 1961) E Pl-Tk

Uvigerina zelamina (Vella, 1961) E Sw-Tk

Uvigerina zelandica (Vella, 1963) E Wo

Uvigerina spp. indet. (12)



Burseolina pacifica (Cushman, 1925) Sl-Wc Cassidulina carapitana Hedberg, 1937 Pl

Cassidulina carinata Silvestri, 1896 Ld-Rec

Cassidulina laevigata d'Orbigny, 1826 Ar-Rec

Cassidulina margareta Karrer, 1877 Po-Pl

Cassidulina monstruosa Voloshinova, 1952 Po

Cassidulina norvangi Thalmann, 1952 Po-Rec

Ehrenbergina aspinosa Parr, 1950 Tk-Rec

Ehrenbergina bicornis Brady, 1888 Lw-Po

Ehrenbergina carinata Eade, 1967 E Tk-Rec

Ehrenbergina fyfei Finlay, 1939 E Tt-Tk

Ehrenbergina marwicki Finlay, 1939 E Po-Pl

Ehrenbergina mestayeri Cushman, 1922 E Wo-Rec

Ehrenbergina osbornei Finlay, 1939 E Sl-Sw

Ehrenbergina trigona Goës, 1896 Wc-Rec

Ehrenbergina sp. indet. Pl-Sl

Evolvocassidulina belfordi Nomura, 1983 Po-Rec

Evolvocassidulina bradyi (Norman, 1881) Lwh-Rec

Evolvocassidulina chapmani Parr, 1931 Po-Pl

Evolvocassidulina orientalis (Cushman, 1922) Lwh-Rec

Globocassidulina arata (Finlay, 1939) E Po-Tt

Globocassidulina canalisuturata Eade, 1967 Tk-Rec

Globocassidulina cuneata (Finlay, 1940) E Lwh-Wo

Globocassidulina minuta (Cushman, 1933) Sw-Rec

Globocassidulina producta (Chapman & Parr, 1937) Ld

Globocassidulina pseudocrassa (Hornibrook, 1961) E Lwh-Lw

Globocassidulina subglobosa (Brady, 1881) Dh-Rec



Baggatella inconspicua Howe, 1939 Dt-Lwh

Francesita advena (Cushman, 1922) Wm-Rec



Lacosteina gouskovi Marie, 1945 Mh



Cassidella bradyi (Cushman, 1922) Tt-Rec

Fursenkoina bramletti (Galloway & Morrey, 1929) Lw-Tt

Fursenkoina complanata (Egger, 1893) Tt-Rec

Fursenkoina schreibersiana (Czjzek, 1848) Ar-Rec

Fursenkoina texturata (Brady, 1884) Po-Wc*

Fursenkoina vellai Kennett, 1966 E Tt-Wo

Rutherfordoides rotundata (Parr, 1950) Tt-Wn

Sigmavirgulina tortuosa (Brady, 1881) Ld-Pl

Virguloides wellmani Srinivasan, 1966 E Ab-Lwh



Bolivinella australis Cushman, 1929 Pl

Bolivinella profolium Hayward, 1982 E Pl-Sw

Inflatobolivinella lilliei (Hayward, 1982) E Sw-Tt

Inflatobolivinella subrugosa zealandica Hayward, 1990 E Lwh-Lw

Nodobolivinella nodosa Hayward, 1990 Lwh-Ld

Quasibolivinella finlayi Hayward, 1982 E Ld-Sw

Quasibolivinella taylori Quilty, 1981 Lwh

Rugobolivinella bensoni (Hayward, 1982) E Lw-Pl

Rugobolivinella rugosa (Howe, 1930) Lwh-Tt

Rugobolivinella scotti Hayward, 1990 E Pl-Tt


Aragonia ouezzanensis (Rey, 1955) Dt

Aragonia tenera Finlay, 1947 E Dw

Aragonia zelandica Finlay, 1939 E Dm-Ab

Loxostomum goodwoodensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Pl

Loxostomum limonense (Cushman, 1926) Dt

Loxostomum pakaurangiense Hornibrook, 1958 E Po-Sw

Loxostomum truncatum Finlay, 1947 E Sw-Tt

Loxostomum spp. indet. (3)



Amplectoductina multicostata (Galloway & Morrey, 1929) Dw-Wn*

Ellipsodimorphina reussi (Berthelin, 1880) Cu

Ellipsoglandulina compacta Hillebrandt, 1962, Ar*

Ellipsoglandulina labiata (Schwager, 1866) Mh-Wc

Ellipsoglandulina velascoensis Cushman, 1936 Mh*

Ellipsoidella dacica Neagu, 1968 Ab*

Ellipsoidella heronalleni Storm, 1929 Dt-Dw*

Ellipsoidella pleurostomelloides Heron-Allen & Earland, 1910 Ar-Wn*

Ellipsoidella subtuberosa Liebus, 1928 Dt-Wn*

Ellipsoidina abbreviata Seguenza, 1859 Ab-Wn*

Ellipsoidina ellipsoides Seguenza, 1859 Ab-Wc*

Ellipsopolymorphina zuberi (Grzybowski, 1896) Wn-Wc*

Nodosarella frequens (Storm, 1929) Dt-Pl*

Nodosarella gracillima (Cushman and Jarvis, 1934) Mh-Ar*

Nodosarella inaequalis (Silvestri, 1901) Dw-Wn*

Nodosarella lorifera (Halkyard, 1918) Dh-Pl*

Nodosarella rotundata (d’Orbigny, 1846) Dt-Wc*

Nodosarella subnodosa (Guppy, 1894) Ab

Nodosarella tuberosa (Gumbel, 1868) Ab


Neopleurostomella polymorpha (Popescu & Crihan, 2005) Wc

Obesopleurostomella bierigi (Palmer & Bermudez, 1934) Ar-Ld

Obesopleurostomella brevis (Schwager, 1866) Dw-Wn

Obesopleurostomella concava (Hermelin, 1991) Wc*

Obesopleurostomella parviapertura (Kennett, 1967) Tt

Obesopleurostomella pleurostomella (Silvestri, 1904) Lw–Wc*

Ossaggittia rimosa (Cushman & Bermudez, 1937) Wn

Ossaggittia rostrata (Silvestri, 1904) Tt-Wo

Ossaggittia russitanoi (Silvestri, 1904) Wo-Wc*

Pleurostomella acuminata Cushman, 1922 Pl-Wc

Pleurostomella acuta Hantken, 1875 Dw-Wn*

Pleurostomella alazanensis Cushman, 1925 Dw-Wc*

Pleurostomella alternans Schwager, 1866 Dt-Wc

Pleurostomella bolivinoides Schubert, 1911 Sl-Sw

Pleurostomella frons Todd, 1957 Tt-Wc*

Pleurostomella greatvalleyensis Trujillo, 1960 Mh-Dw

Pleurostomella incrassata Hantken, 1883 Dt-Ab*

Pleurostomella nuttalli Cushman & Seigfus, 1939 Ar*

Pleurostomella sapperi Schubert, 1911 Wo-Wc

Pleurostomella subnodosa (Reuss, 1851) Ab-Wc

Pleurostomella tenuis Hantken, 1883 Ar-Wc

Pleurostomella wadowicensis Grzybowskii, 1896 Dw-Wc*



Carchariostomoides dentaliniformis (Cushman & Jarvis, 1934) Tt-Wc

Caveastomella stephensoni (Cushman, 1936) Ab*

Caveastomella weinholzi Hayward and Kawagata, 2013 Wn*

Siphonodosaria basicarinata (Hornibrook, 1961) E Dm-Ld

Siphonodosaria bradyi (Cushman, 1927) Wo*

Siphonodosaria consobrina (d’Orbigny, 1846) Po-Tt*

Siphonodosaria curvatura (Cushman, 1939) Po-Tk*

Siphonodosaria gracillima (Cushman & Jarvis, 1934) Ld-Wc

Siphonodosaria hispidula (Cushman, 1917) Dw-Pl*

Siphonodosaria insecta (Schwager, 1866) Ld-Po

Siphonodosaria internodifera (Gumbel, 1868) Wo

Siphonodosaria jacksonensis (Cushman & Applin, 1926) Mh-Wc

Siphonodosaria lepidula (Schwager, 1866) Ld-Wc

Siphonodosaria lohmanni (Kleinpell, 1938) Po-Wc

Siphonodosaria longispina (Egger, 1900) Ab-Wo

Siphonodosaria minuta (Cushman, 1938)  Lw-Sw

Siphonodosaria paucistriata (Galloway & Morrey, 1931) Ab-Wp

Siphonodosaria pomuligera (Stache, 1864) E Dt-Wc

Siphonodosaria sentifera (Cushman and Parker, 1931) Mh

Siphonodosaria subspinosa (Cushman, 1943) Ab-Wo*

Siphonodosaria tauricornis (Schwager, 1866) Wn-Wc*

Siphonodosaria typa (Seguenza, 1880) Dt*

Stilostomella decurta (Bermudez, 1937) Tt*

Stilostomella fistuca (Schwager, 1866) Tt-Wc

Stilostomella? guptai Hayward, 2013 Wo*

Stilostomella mappa (Cushman and Jarvis, 1934) Sw-Tt

Stilostomella parexilis (Cushman & Stewart, 1930) Wo-Wc*

Stilostomella rugosa Guppy, 1894 Dp*

Strictocostella advena (Cushman & Laiming, 1931) Lwh-Wc

Strictocostella hyugaensis (Ishizaki, 1943) Pl-Wc

Strictocostella japonica (Ishizaki, 1943) Wn*

Strictocostella joculator (Finlay, 1947) E Po-Tt

Strictocostella matanzana (Palmer & Bermudez, 1936) Dh-Wc*

Strictocostella modesta (Bermudez, 1937) Dt-Wm

Strictocostella scharbergana (Neugeboren, 1856) Ar-Wc

Strictocostella spinata (Cushman, 1934) Ar-Wc

Toddostomella chileana (Todd and Kniker, 1952) Ab*

Toddostomella hochstetteri (Schwager, 1866) Dw-Sc

Unidens ishizakii Hayward and Kawagata, 2013 Wo-Wn*

Unidens retrorsa (reuss, 1863) Wn*



Hopkinsina mioindex Finlay, 1947 E Sl-Wn

Virgulopsis costata Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Sl

Virgulopsis junior Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Sc

Virgulopsis pustulata Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Sw

Virgulopsis reticulata Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Pl

Virgulopsis turris (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1922) Po-Rec


Neobulimina canadaensis Cushman & Wickenden, 1928 Cn

Neobulimina sp. indet. Mh





Sphaerogypsina globulus (Reuss, 1843) Po-Rec

Sphaerogypsina sp. indet. Ar-Sw


Sporadotrema sp. indet. Sc



Anomalina aotea Finlay, 1940 E Dw-Tt

Anomalina clarentica Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Anomalina hectori Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Anomalina macphersoni Stoneley, 1962 E Cu


Amphistegina aucklandica Karrer, 1864 E Lw-Sw

Amphistegina eyrensis Larsen, 1978 E Dm-Dh

Amphistegina hauerina d'Orbigny, 1846 Sc-Sw

Amphistegina mamilla (Fichtel & Moll, 1798) Sc


Asterigerinella gallowayi Bandy, 1944 Ar

Eoeponidella pulchella (Parker, 1952) Tt-Rec

Eoeponidella scotti Hayward, 1979 E Po-Pl

Eoeponidella zealandica (Hornibrook, 1961) E Ar-Ld


Asterigerina cyclops Dorreen, 1948 E Ak-Lwh

Asterigerina lornensis Finlay, 1939 E Ak-Ar

Asterigerina waiareka Finlay, 1939 E Ak-Lwh

Asterigerina sp. indet. Dm


Nuttallides bradyi (Earland, 1934) Lw-Rec*

Nuttallides carinotruempyi Finlay, 1947 E Dt-Dh

Nuttallides cretatruempyi Finlay, 1947 E Dt-Dh

Nuttallides florealis (White, 1928) Dt

Nuttallides tholus Finlay, 1940 E Mh

Nuttallides truempyi (Nuttall, 1930) Dp-Ab

Nuttallides umbonifera (Cushman, 1933) Sl-Rec


Lepidocyclina dilatata dilatata (Michelotti, 1851) Po

Lepidocyclina ephippoides Jones & Chapman, 1900 Po

Nephrolepidina hornibrooki Matsumaru, 1971 Sl

Nephrolepidina howchini (Chapman & Crespin, 1932) Sc

Nephrolepidina orakiensis (Karrer, 1864) E Lw-Sw

Nephrolepidina waikukuensis Chaproničre, 1984 E Sl-Sw



Alabamina australis Belford, 1960 Mh

Alabamina creta (Finlay, 1940) E Mh-Dt

Alabamina tenuimarginata (Chapman, Parr & Collins, 1934) Dm-Wo


Abyssamina poagi Schniker & Tjalsma, 1980 Dm-Ab

Abyssamina quadrata Schniker & Tjalsma, 1980 Ab

Allomorphina spp. indet. (2)

Allomorphina conica Cushman & Todd, 1947 Dt-Dh

Allomorphina cretacea Reuss, 1851 Mh

Allomorphina cubensis Palmer & Bermudez, 1936 Lw-Sw

Allomorphina pacifica Cushman & Todd, 1949 Po-Pl

Allomorphina trigona Reuss, 1850 Dh-Sw

Allomorphina trochoides (Reuss, 1845) Mh

Allomorphina whangaia Finlay, 1939 E Mh-Dt

Chilostomella czizeki Reuss, 1850 Po-Pl

Chilostomella globata Galloway & Heminway, 1941 Po-Pl

Chilostomella oolina Schwager, 1878 Po-Rec

Chilostomella ovoidea Reuss, 1850 Po-Rec

Chilostomelloides oviformis (Sherborn & Chapman, 1886) Po-Pl


Coleites gagei Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar

Coleites sp. indet. Dp-Ab


Gavelinella ammonoides (Reuss, 1845) Cn

Gavelinella beccariiformis (White, 1928) Mh-Dt

Gavelinella complanata (Reuss, 1851) Rm-Mp

Gavelinella emaciata Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Gavelinella flemingi Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Gavelinella intermedia (Berthelin, 1880) Cn

Gavelinella marwicki Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Gavelinella moorei Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Gavelinella sp. indet. Cu

Gyroidina bradyi (Trauth, 1918) Sl-Rec

Gyroidina danvillensis Howe & Wallace, 1932 Dw-Wn

Gyroidina jenkinsi Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Lwh

Gyroidina wellmani Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Gyroidina sp. indet. Lwh-Wo

Gyroidinoides allani (Finlay, 1939) E Lwh-Lw

Gyroidinoides girardanus (Reuss, 1851) Dm-Lw

Gyroidinoides globosus (von Hagenow, 1842) Rm-Dt

Gyroidinoides hornibrooki Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Gyroidinoides kawagatai Ujiié, 1995 Lw-Rec

Gyroidinoides naranjoensis (White, 1928) Mh

Gyroidinoides neosoldanii (Brotzen, 1936) Dp-Wo

Gyroidinoides perampla (Cushman & Stainforth, 1945) Dp-Ab

Gyroidinoides primitivus Hofker, 1957 Cu-Ra

Gyroidinoides prominulus (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Wn

Gyroidinoides pulisukensis (Saidova, 1975) Tt-Rec

Gyroidinoides scrobiculatus (Finlay, 1939) E Ab-Ar

Gyroidinoides soldanii (d’Orbigny, 1826) Lw-Rec

Gyroidinoides stineari (Finlay, 1939) E Tt-Wn

Gyroidinoides subangulata (Plummer, 1927) Dt

Gyroidinoides subzelandicus Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Sw

Gyroidinoides zelandicus (Finlay, 1939) E Lwh-Wn

Hanzawaia grossepunctata (Earland, 1934) Wc-Rec

Hanzawaia laurisae (Mallory, 1959) Po-Pl

Lingulogavelinella asterigerinoides (Plummer, 1931) Cn

Notoplanulina rakauroana (Finlay, 1939) E Mh

Nummodiscorbis novozealandicus Hornibrook, 1961 E Ak-Sw

Orithostella indica Scheibnerova, 1974 Cu-Cm

Rotaliatina sulcigera (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Ld

Rotaliatina sp. indet. Ab-Ak


Globorotalites micheliniana (d'Orbigny, 1840) Mh


Anomalinoides alazanensis Nuttall, 1932 Pl-Wo

Anomalinoides awamoana Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Pl

Anomalinoides capitata (Guembel, 1868) Dw-Ak

Anomalinoides chathamensis Strong, 1979 E Mh

Anomalinoides eoglabra Finlay, 1940 E Mh-Lwh

Anomalinoides eosuturalis Finlay, 1940 E Dw-Lw

Anomalinoides fasciatus (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Po

Anomalinoides finlayi Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Anomalinoides globulosus (Chapman & Parr, 1937) Po-Pl

Anomalinoides macraglabra (Finlay, 1940) E Ar-Sw

Anomalinoides miosuturalis Finlay, 1940 E Ld-Sl

Anomalinoides nobilis Brotzen, 1948 Dt

Anomalinoides orbiculus (Stache, 1864) E Dw-Po

Anomalinoides parvumbilius (Finlay, 1940) E Lwh-Wn

Anomalinoides pinguiglabra (Finlay, 1940) E Lwh-Tt

Anomalinoides piripaua (Finlay, 1939) E Mh-Dt

Anomalinoides pseudogrosserugosa Colon, 1945 Lwh-Sc

Anomalinoides rubiginosus (Cushman, 1926) Mh-Dt

Anomalinoides semicribrata (Beckmann, 1953) Po-Pl

Anomalinoides semiteres (Finlay, 1940) E Ab-Ar

Anomalinoides sphericus (Finlay, 1940) E Sl-Rec

Anomalinoides subnonionoides (Finlay, 1940) E Lwh-Tk

Anomalinoides vitrinodus (Finlay, 1940) E Po-Wo

Anomalinoides spp. indet. (2) Mh


Karreria maoria (Finlay, 1939) E Po-Rec


Oridorsalis umbonatus (Reuss, 1851) Ab-Rec


Charltonina acutimarginata (Finlay, 1940) E Mh-Dt

Osangularia bengalensis (Schwager, 1866) Sw-Rec

Osangularia culter (Parker & Jones, 1865) Ab-Rec

Osangularia lens Brotzen, 1940 Dw-Dh

Osangularia navarroana (Cushman, 1938) Mh-Dt

Osangularia plummerae Brotzen, 1940 Dw-Pl


Quadrimorphina allomorphinoides (Reuss, 1860) Mh-Dp

Quadrimorphina pescicula Saidova, 1975 Wm-Rec

Quadrimorphina profunda Schnitker & Tjalsma, 1980 Dw-Dp

Quadrimorphina sp. indet. Dw-Dp


Buccella lotella Hornibrook, 1961 E Ak-Sw

Buccella sp. indet. Po-Pl



Baggina ampla (Finlay, 1940) E Lw-Wp

Baggina brevior (Finlay, 1940) E Pl

Baggina spp. indet. (2) Lwh-Ld

Cancris compressus Finlay, 1940 E Ab-Lwh

Cancris laevinflatus Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Sw

Cancris lateralis Finlay, 1940 E Lwh-Tk

Cancris l. minima Srinivasan, 1966 E Ar-Lwh

Cancris oblongus (Williamson, 1858) Tk-Rec

Valvulineria saulcii (d'Orbigny, 1839) Po-Wc

Valvulineria stachei Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar

Valvulineria teuriensis Loeblich & Tappan, 1939 Mh-Dt


Bueningia creeki Finlay, 1939 E Ld-Tt


Conorbina sp. indet. Cu


Discorbis balcombensis Chapman, Parr & Collins, 1934 Ar-Sw

Discorbis perditus Strong, 1979 E Rt-Mh

Discorbis rajnathi Srinivasan, 1966 E Lwh

Discorbis sp. indet. Mh

Trochulina dimidiatus (Jones & Parker, 1862) Tt-Rec


Alabaminella wedellensis (Earland, 1936) Po-Rec

Eponides bollii Cushman & Renz, 1946 Mh

Eponides broeckhianus (Karrer, 1878) Ab-Wp

Eponides concinna Brotzen, 1960 Mh

Eponides cribrorepandus (Asano & Uchio, 1951) Ak-Rec

Eponides dorsopustulatus Dorreen, 1948 E Ab-Ar

Eponides lornensis Finlay, 1939 E Ab-Lw

Eponides motuensis Stoneley, 1962 E Cu

Eponides repandus (Fichtel & Moll, 1803) Ak-Rec

Eponides tethycus Dorreen, 1948 E Ab-Ar

Eponides sp. indet. Ak

Hofkerina semiornata (Howchin, 1889) Lwh-Pl

Ioanella tumidula (Brady, 1884) Sl-Rec

Porogavelinella ujiiei Kawagata, 1999 Pl-Rec


Stomatorbina concentrica (Parker & Jones, 1864) Dm-Rec


Patellinella inconspicua (Brady, 1884) Tk-Rec


Gavelinopsis praegeri (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1913) Tt-Rec

Gavelinopsis pukeuriensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Wc

Gavelinopsis zealandica (Hornibrook, 1961) E Ld-Sw

Gavelinopsis sp. indet. Lwh-Sc

Neoconorbina terquemi (Rzehak, 1888) Po-Rec

Neoconorbina spp. indet. (2)

Planodiscorbis rarescens (Brady, 1884) Lwh-Rec

Pseudopatellinoides primus Krasheninnikov, 1958 Po

Rosalina augur Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Sw

Rosalina bradyi (Cushman, 1915) Sw-Rec

Rosalina concinna (Brady, 1884) Po-Pl

Rosalina irregularis (Rhumbler, 1906) Tt-Rec

Rosalina paupereques Vella, 1957 E Wc-Rec

Rosalina vitrizea Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Rec

Rosalina sp. indet. Dt

Semirosalina deflata Hornibrook, 1961 E Pl

Semirosalina inflata Hornibrook, 1961 E Pl


Sphaeroidina bulloides d'Orbigny, 1826 Ar-Rec

Sphaeroidina variabilis Reuss, 1851 Ab-Ar

Sphaeroidina sp. indet. Dm



Colonimilesia coronata (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1932) Ab-Rec

Discorbinella apposita Finlay, 1940 E Dm-Lwh

Discorbinella bertheloti (d'Orbigny 1839) Ld-Rec

Discorbinella complanata (Sidebottom, 1918) Ar-Rec

Discorbinella deflata (Finlay, 1940) E Sc-Rec

Discorbinella galera (Finlay, 1940) E Po-Pl

Discorbinella jugosa Finlay, 1940 E Dt-Ar

Discorbinella lepida Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Wc

Discorbinella scopos (Finlay, 1940) E Lwh-Pl

Discorbinella stachi (Asano, 1951) Po-Pl

Discorbinella subcomplanata (Parr, 1950) Tk-Rec

Discorbinella timida Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Wc

Discorbinella turgida (Finlay, 1940) E Lwh-Pl

Discorbinella vitrevoluta (Hornibrook, 1961) E Pl-Rec

Discorbinella sp. indet. Mh

Laticarinina altocamerata (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1922) E Ak-Rec

Laticarinina nitida (Hornibrook, 1961) E Pl

Laticarinina pauperata (Parker & Jones, 1865) Ab-Rec

Laticarinina sp. indet. Pl-Wc


Planulinoides sp. indet. Po-Pl


Eilohedra levicula (Resig, 1958) Wc-Rec

Epistominella cassidulinoides Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Pl

Epistominella exigua (Brady, 1884) Po-Rec

Epistominella iota Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Wm

Epistominella minima (Cushman, 1933) Pl-Wc*



Buliminoides bantamensis Yabe & Asano, 1937 Tk

Buliminoides williamsonianus (Brady, 1881) Pl-Rec

Elongobula chattonensis Finlay, 1939 E Ld

Elongobula creta Finlay, 1939 E Mh

Elongobula lawsi Finlay, 1939 E Lwh


Glabratella crassa Dorreen, 1948 E Dm-Sw

Glabratella finlayi Srinivasan, 1966 E Ar

Glabratella quadrata Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Sw

Glabratella sp. indet. Sw

Glabratellina sigali Seiglie & Bermudez, 1965 Po-Pl

Pijpersia gracilis Srinivasan, 1966 E Ar

Pijpersia spp. indet. (2)

Pileolina calcarata (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1922) E Ld-Rec

Pileolina patelliformis (Brady, 1884) Sl-Rec

Pileolina radiata Vella, 1957 E Pl-Rec

Pileolina turbinata (Terquem, 1882) Lwh

Pileolina zealandica Vella, 1957 E Po-Rec

Pileolina sp. indet. E Sw

Planoglabratella semiopercularis (Hornibrook, 1961) E Po-Pl


Heronallenia pulvinulinoides (Cushman, 1915) Sc-Rec

Heronallenia wilsoni (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1922) Ak-Wn



Almaena sp. indet.


Astrononion fijiensis Cushman & Edwards, 1937 Po-Pl

Astrononion impressum Hornibrook, 1961 E Ab-Pl

Astrononion neefi (Vella, 1963) E Tt-Wo

Astrononion novozealandicum Cushman & Edwards, 1937 E Wo-Rec

Astrononion parki Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar-Wo

Astrononion poriensis (Vella, 1963) E Wo-Wn

Astrononion pusillum Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar-Rec

Astrononion stelligerum (d’Orbigny, 1839) Po-Wn

Astrononion tumidum Cushman & Edwards, 1937 Po-Rec

Astrononion vadorum Vella, 1962 E Wp-Wm

Astrononion sp. indet. Wn

Florilus olsoni Kennett, 1966 E Tt

Haynesina depressula (Walker & Jacob, 1798) Lwh-Rec

Melonis affinis (Reuss, 1851) Lw-Rec

Melonis dorreeni (Hornibrook, 1961) E Ab-Tt

Melonis halkyardi (Cushman, 1936) Dt-Wp

Melonis lutorum Vella, 1962 E Wo

Melonis maorica (Stache, 1864) E Ab-Tk

Melonis pacimaoricum Srinivasan, 1966 E Dw-Lw

Melonis pompilioides (Fichtel & Moll, 1798) Lw-Rec

Melonis simplex (Karrer, 1864) E Lw-Tk

Melonis zeobesus Vella, 1962 E Tt-Wm

Melonis spp. indet. (2) Mh

Nonion cassidulinoides Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Wm

Nonion deceptrix Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Wm

Nonion iota Finlay, 1940 E Ab-Ak

Nonion mexicanum Cushman, 1933 Mh

Nonion tanumia (Finlay, 1940) E Mh-Dt

Nonionella auris (d’Orbigny, 1839) Po-Rec

Nonionella gemina Hornibrook, 1961 E Lw-Wn

Nonionella magnalingua Finlay, 1940 E Ld-Rec

Nonionella novozealandica Cushman, 1936 E Lwh-Tt

Nonionella robusta Plummer, 1931 Mh

Nonionella satiata Finlay, 1940 E Pl

Nonionella soldadoensis Cushman & Renz, 1942 Dt

Nonionella zenitens Finlay, 1940 E Dw-Tk

Nonionellina flemingi (Vella 1957) E Sw-Rec

Nonionoides grateloupi (d’Orbigny, 1826) Tt-Rec

Nonionoides turgida (Williamson, 1858) Wp-Rec

Pullenia bulloides (d'Orbigny, 1846) Dt-Rec

Pullenia coryelli White, 1929 Mh-Dw

Pullenia cretacea Cushman, 1936 Mh-Ab

Pullenia quinqueloba (Reuss, 1851) Dt-Rec

Pullenia salisburyi Stewart & Stewart, 1930 Wo-Rec

Spirotecta pellicula Belford, 1961 Mh

Zeaflorilus parri (Cushman, 1936) Sl-Rec

Zeaflorilus stachei (Cushman, 1936) Ld-Sl



Asterocyclina hornibrooki Cole, 1967 Ar

Asterocyclina speighti (Chapman, 1932) Dw-Ab


Discocyclina sp. indet. Ar


Cycloclypeus carpenteri Brady, 1881 Po-Sw

Heterostegina borneensis van der Vlerk, 1930 Lw-Sw

Heterostegina sp. indet. Ab

Nummulitella polystylata Dorreen, 1948 E Ab-Ar

Operculina kawakawaensis Chapman & Parr, 1938 E Lwh-Po

Operculina mbalavuensis Cole, 1945 Sw



Cibicides amoenus Finlay, 1940 E Pl-Wo

Cibicides araroa Kennett, 1967 E Tt

Cibicides beaumontianus (d'Orbigny, 1840) Mh

Cibicides bradyi (Trauth, 1918) Ld-Rec

Cibicides catillus Finlay, 1940 E Ld-Tt

Cibicides cenop (Woodruff, 1985) Sl-Wm

Cibicides cicatricosus (Schwager, 1866) Sc-Wp

Cibicides collinsi Finlay, 1940 E Dm-Lwh

Cibicides cookei Cushman & Garrett, 1938 Dt-Lw

Cibicides corticatus Earland, 1934 Wc-Rec

Cibicides deliquatus Finlay, 1940 E Sl-Rec

Cibicides dispars (d'Orbigny, 1839) Sw-Rec

Cibicides finlayi Gibson, 1967 E Sw-Wp

Cibicides gibsoni Kennett, 1966 E Sw-Wo

Cibicides hampdenensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Dw-Ak

Cibicides havanensis Cushman & Bermudez, 1937 Lwh

Cibicides ihungia Finlay, 1940 E Ab-Wo

Cibicides karreriformis Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh

Cibicides kullenbergi Parker, 1953 Po-Wp

Cibicides lobatulus (Walker & Jacob, 1798) Po-Rec

Cibicides maculatus (Stache, 1864) E Ak-Ld

Cibicides mediocris Finlay, 1940 E Ld-Tt

Cibicides molestus Hornibrook, 1961 E Ab-Wp

Cibicides mundulus (Brady, Parker & Jones, 1888) Pl-Rec

Cibicides neoperforatus Hornibrook, 1976 E Tt-Wn

Cibicides notocenicus Dorreen, 1948 E Ab-Sc

Cibicides novozelandicus (Karrer, 1864) E Lwh-Tt

Cibicides pachyderma (Rzehak, 1886) Ld-Rec

Cibicides perforatus (Karrer, 1864) E Lw-Wo

Cibicides porrodeliquatus Kennett, 1967 E Tt-Wo

Cibicides praecursorius (Schwager, 1883) Dt

Cibicides praemundulus (Berggren & Miller, 1986) Dt

Cibicides pronovozelandicus Srinivasan, 1966 E Ak-Lwh

Cibicides protemperatus Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar-Tt

Cibicides pseudoconvexus Parr, 1938 Dt-Lwh

Cibicides pseudoungerianus (Cushman, 1922) Sw-Wo

Cibicides refulgens de Montfort, 1808 Po-Rec

Cibicides robertsonianus (Brady, 1881) Dm-Rec

Cibicides rugosa Phleger & Parker, 1951 Sc-Rec

Cibicides semiperforatus Hornibrook, 1961 E Ab

Cibicides subhaidingerii (Parr, 1950) Ar-Rec

Cibicides temperata Vella, 1957 E Wo-Rec

Cibicides thiara (Stache, 1864) E Ar-Lw

Cibicides thiaracuta Hornibrook, 1958 E Pl-Tt

Cibicides tholus Finlay, 1939 E Ab

Cibicides truncanus (Guembel, 1868) Dp-Lwh

Cibicides variabilis (d’Orbigny, 1826) Sl-Rec

Cibicides verrucosus Finlay, 1940 E Ar-Pl

Cibicides victoriensis Chapman, Parr & Collins, 1934 Pl-Sc

Cibicides vortex Dorreen, 1948 E Ab-Sw

Cibicides whitei Martin, 1943 Dt

Cibicides wuellerstorfi (Schwager, 1866) Pl-Rec

Cibicides spp. indet. (21)

Dyocibicides biserialis Cushman & Valentine, 1930 Lwh-Rec

Dyocibicides primitiva Vella, 1957 E Ld-Rec


Fabiania sp. indet. Dt

Halkyardia bartrumi Parr, 1934 Ak-Lwh


Planorbulina macphersoni Finlay, 1947 E Dm-Ar

Planorbulinella plana (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1924) Po-Sw

Planorbulinella zelandica Finlay, 1947 E Po-Tt

Planorbulinella sp. indet. Ld


Hyalinea balthica (Schroeter, 1873) Wp

Planulina costata (Hantken, 1875) Lw

Planulina crassa Galloway & Heminway, 1941 Po-Pl

Planulina renzi Cushman & Stainforth, 1945 Lw-Rec

Planulina sinuosa (Sidebottom, 1918) Tt-Rec


Biarritzina carpenteriaeformis (Halkyard, 1919) Po

Carpenteria balaniformis Gray, 1858 Pl

Carpenteria monticularis Carter, 1877 Ak-Lwh

Victoriella conoidea (Rutten, 1914) Lwh-Pl

Wadella globiformis (Chapman, 1926) E Ak-Pl

Wadella hamiltonensis (Glaessner & Wade, 1959) Ar

Wadella sp. indet. Ab



Crespinina kingscotensis Wade, 1955 Ak-Lw

Sherbornina atkinsoni Chapman, 1922 Ld-Po

Sherbornina cuneimarginata zealandica Hayward, 1981 E Pl

Sherbornina sp. indet. Ak


Elphidium aculeatum norcotti Hayward, 1997 E Lw-Po

Elphidium a. subrotatum Hornibrook, 1961 E Pl-Sw

Elphidium advenum advenum (Cushman, 1922) Ab-Sw

Elphidium a. limbatum (Chapman, 1907) Ar-Rec

Elphidium a. macelliforme McCulloch, 1981 Tt-Wo

Elphidium a. maorium Hayward, 1997 E Ar-Rec

Elphidium carteri Hayward, 1997 Lw-Sw

Elphidium charlottense (Vella, 1957) E Lwh-Rec

Elphidium crispum (Linneus, 1758) Ar-Rec

Elphidium c. waiwiriense Hayward, 1997 E Lw-Po

Elphidium excavatum clavatum Cushman, 1930 Po-Rec

Elphidium e. excavatum (Terquem, 1875) Wo-Rec

Elphidium e. williamsoni Haynes, 1973 Wn-Rec

Elphidium hampdenensis Finlay, 1940 E Dh

Elphidium ingressans Dorreen, 1948 E Ar-Lwh

Elphidium kanoum Hayward, 1979 E Ld-Sl

Elphidium matanginuiense Hayward, 1997 E Dw-Dm

Elphidium matauraense Hayward, 1997 E Lw-Pl

Elphidium aff. novozealandicum Cushman, 1936 Sw-Wo

Elphidium novozealandicum Cushman, 1936 E Tk-Rec

Elphidium oceanicum Cushman, 1933 Wc

Elphidium pseudoinflatum Cushman, 1936 Ar-Sw

Elphidium saginatum Finlay, 1940 E Dp

Elphidium schencki Cushman & Dusenbury, 1934 Ab-Ar

Elphidium wadeae (Hornibrook, 1961) E Lwh-Po


Cribrorotalia chattonensis Hornibrook, 1996 E Ld 

Cribrorotalia dorreeni Hornibrook, 1961 E Lwh-Tt

Cribrorotalia keari Hornibrook, 1962 E Ar-Lwh

Cribrorotalia longwoodensis Hornibrook, 1962 E Lwh-Ld

Cribrorotalia lornensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Ak-Ar

Cribrorotalia miocenica (Cushman, 1936) Po-Pl

Cribrorotalia obesa Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Cribrorotalia okokoensis Hornibrook, 1962 E Ar-Lwh

Cribrorotalia ornatissima (Karrer, 1864) E Lw-Tt

Cribrorotalia tainuia (Dorreen, 1948) E Ak-Lwh

Discorotalia aranea (Hornibrook, 1958) E Po-Sw

Discorotalia tenuissima (Karrer, 1864) E Lwh-Sw

Notorotalia aparimae Hornibrook, 1996 E Lwh

Notorotalia biconvexa Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Sw

Notorotalia bortonica Hornibrook, 1996 E Dp-Ak

Notorotalia braxtonensis Hornibrook, 1996 E Lwh

Notorotalia briggsi Collen, 1972 E Wp-Wn

Notorotalia depressa Vella, 1957 E Wp-Rec

Notorotalia finlayi Vella, 1957 E Wp-Rec

Notorotalia hornibrooki Hayward, Grenfell, Reid & Hayward, 1999 E Tk-Rec

Notorotalia hurupiensis Vella, 1957 E Sw-Wp

Notorotalia inornata Vella, 1957 E Wn-Rec

Notorotalia kaiata Hornibrook, 1996 E Ak-Ar

Notorotalia kingmai Vella, 1957 E Wo-Wm

Notorotalia kiripakae Hornibrook, 1996 E Ar

Notorotalia kohaihae Hornibrook, 1996 E Lwh-Ld

Notorotalia macinnesi Kennett, 1966 E Tt

Notorotalia mammiligera Kennett, 1967 E Tt

Notorotalia mangaoparia Vella, 1957 E Wm-Wn

Notorotalia olsoni Vella, 1957 E Wo-Rec

Notorotalia pliozea Vella, 1957 E Wo-Wm

Notorotalia powelli Finlay, 1939 E Po-Pl

Notorotalia praeserrata Hornibrook, 1996 E Lwh-Ld

Notorotalia pristina Vella, 1957 E Tt-Tk

Notorotalia profunda Vella, 1957 E Wm-Rec

Notorotalia rotunda Vella, 1961 E Wn

Notorotalia ruatangatae Hornibrook, 1996 E Lwh

Notorotalia serrata Finlay, 1939 E Lw-Pl

Notorotalia spinosa (Chapman, 1926) E Ld-Pl

Notorotalia stachei Finlay, 1939 E Lwh

Notorotalia s. macrostachei Hornibrook, 1996 E Lwh-Ld

Notorotalia taranakia Vella, 1957 E Tt-Wn

Notorotalia targetensis Hornibrook, 1961 E Po-Pl

Notorotalia uttleyi Hornibrook, 1961 E Ar-Lwh

Notorotalia waitakiensis Hornibrook, 1992 E Lw

Notorotalia whaingaroica Hornibrook, 1996 E Lwh

Notorotalia wilsoni Hornibrook, 1958 E Pl-Sw

Notorotalia zelandica Finlay, 1939 E Wm-Rec

Notorotalia z. mangaoparia Vella, 1957 E Wm 

Notorotalia spp. indet. (6)


Miogypsina cushmani Vaughan, 1924 Po-Pl

Miogypsina globulina (Mitchelotti, 1841) Po

Miogypsina intermedia Drooger, 1952 Po-Pl


Ammonia nanus (Hornibrook, 1961) E Lw-Wm

Ammonia aoteana (Finlay, 1940) Tk-Rec

Pararotalia mackayi (Karrer, 1864) E Lwh-Sc

Rotalia fastigata Collen, 1972 E Wq

Rotalia wanganuiensis Hornibrook, 1989 E Wn-Wc



Siphonina australis Cushman, 1927 Ar-W