Bruce W. Hayward

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1971 BSc (Hons) (University of Auckland) [Geology of the Table Mt area, Coromandel Peninsula]

1975 PhD (University of Auckland) [Geology of the Waitakere Hills, Auckland, with emphasis on the paleontology]

1976 Post-Doc Fellowship, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. [Early Miocene benthic foraminifera of northern New Zealand].

1978 McKay Hammer Award, Geological Society of New Zealand, for “most meritorious contribution to New Zealand geology in 1976‑1977”

1978‑1982 founding President Offshore Islands Research Group

1978-1991 Micropaleontologist, New Zealand Geological Survey, Lower Hutt

1980 elected Life Member, Auckland University Field Club

1980‑1989 Editor, Geological Society of New Zealand

1982 elected Life Member, Offshore Islands Research Group

1985-present Convenor of NZ Geopreservation Inventory Project

1988 NZ Association of Scientists Research Medal
1988-2012 Associate Editor, Journal of Foraminiferal Research

1989-1991 President, Geological Society of New Zealand

1990-1993 Member, New Zealand Conservation Authority
1991-1997 Curator of Marine Invertebrates, Auckland Institute and Museum

1992-1998 Member, Auckland Institute and Museum Council

1993-1996 Member, Auckland Conservation Board

1993-present Co-founder and Chairperson, Auckland Geology Club

1994 Foundation for Research, Science & Technology Science Communicator Merit Prize

1997-2002 Self-employed Research Associate, Geology Department, University of Auckland

1998 Finalist, Montana New Zealand Book of the Year Awards

1998-2000 James Cook Research Fellow, hosted by University of Auckland

2001 New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Award and Life Membership for “contribution to NZ marine science and its understanding”.

2003-present Founder and Principal Scientist, Geomarine Research, Auckland
2003 Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of NZ
2006 Hochstetter lecturer, Geological Society of New Zealand
2006 Member New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to Earth Science and Conservation

2010-present Editor, Foraminifera, World Register of Marine Species

2013 Finalist Copyright Licensing New Zealand Writers’ Awards

2013 Geoscience Society of New Zealand  Honorary Member for “contribution to GSNZ and to the advancement of the geosciences in New Zealand”.

2013 McKay Hammer Award, Geological Society of New Zealand, for “most meritorious contribution to New Zealand geoscience in 2010-2012”


Research Programmes
Principal scientist, New Zealand benthic foraminifera and basin analysis, coastal marine monitoring, and earthquake histories, FRST-funded, 1991-2012
Principal scientist, Foraminifera and paleoceanography of Bounty Trough, east New Zealand; Marsden-funded, 2000-2002
Principal scientist, The last global marine extinction: causes and consequences for global biodiversity; Marsden-funded, 2003-2005
Principal scientist, Causes of evolution and global extinction in the deep sea; Marsden-funded, 2007-2010
Principal scientist, Great megathrust earthquake hazard; MSI Natural Hazards Platform, 2012-2014
Convenor, New Zealand Geopreservation Inventory Project; Geological Society of New Zealand-sponsored, 1984-present
Intertidal and shallow marine benthic biodiversity and ecology of northern New Zealand (with Margaret Morley and colleagues); hobby research, 1992-present.

Margaret Morley

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1993- Research Associate, Mollusca, Auckland War Memorial Museum
2003- Research Associate, Mollusca, Ostracoda, Geomarine Research, Auckland

Main research programmes (past and present):

  • Mollusca, particularly micromollusca, of northern New Zealand and Subantarctic
  • Ostracoda of northern New Zealand


Jill A. Kenny

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M.Sc. (1st class Hons) 1980 - "Geology of the Ihungia catchment, Raukumaru Peninsula."
Ph.D. (University of Auckland) 1986 - "Alternating convergent and non-convergent tectonics, 100 million years to present, Puketoro area, northeastern New Zealand."

Current research programmes:

  • Coastal landforms throughout New Zealand
  • Karst landforms in limestone and basalt throughout New Zealand
  • Updating the NZ Geopreservation Inventory, under auspices of Geological Reserves Subcommittee of Geoscience Society of NZ
  • Contract work on geological heritage of Auckland

Hobby research:

  • Identifying regional faults in Auckland.

Past research programmes:

  • SW Pacific seafloor topography and geology
  • Geology of northern Great Barrier


Post-doctoral Fellows, as part of these studies:

  • Shungo Kawagata, 2003-2006: Mid-Pleistocene extinctions in the deep sea.
    Present email address:
  • Katie Johnson, 2008-2009: Causes of extinction in the deep sea, the middle Miocene cooling.
    Present email address:


PhD student theses, undertaken as part of these studies:

  • Liesbeth Van Kerckhoven 2007-2014 : Causes of evolution in the deep-sea: with emphasis on the Paleocene-Eocene record. University of Auckland.
  • Brigida Figueira 2008-2012: Salt marsh foraminiferal record of late Holocene sea level rise around New Zealand.


MSc student theses, undertaken as part of these studies:

  • Ashwaq Sabaa 2000: Pliocene foraminiferal biostratigraphy and paleoceanography of ODP Site 1125, eastern New Zealand. University of Auckland.
  • Stuart Rodger 2003: Planktic foraminiferal evidence of paleoceanographic changes across the Subtropical Front during the late Pleistocene. University of Auckland.
  • Grace Schaefer 2003: A middle Pleistocene paleoceanographic record from the northern Chatham Rise (ODP Site 1125). University of Auckland.
  • Kate Wilson 2003: The paleoceanography of the Canterbury Bight during the past 1 million years: planktic foraminiferal evidence from ODP 1119. Massey University.
  • Andrew Matthews 2004: Foraminiferal record of human impact in the Manukau Harbour, Auckland. University of Auckland.
  • Tanya O'Neill 2005: The middle Pleistocene extinction of bathyal benthic foraminifera in the South Atlantic (ODP Sites 1082 and 1088). Massey University.
  • Francie Geiger 2005-2006: Pleistocene ostracod stratigraphy, east of New Zealand (preliminary title) Canterbury University.

·         Rhiannon Daymond-King 2006-2007: Early Miocene bathyal channels of Orongo Point, Kaipara Harbour. University of Auckland.

·         John Kay 2007-2008: Paleoichnology, sedimentology and micropaleontology of the Muriwai and Huia areas, North Auckland. University of Auckland.

·         Andrew Kolodziej 2009-2010: Late middle Pleistocene sea surface temperature record and paleoceanography off the West Coast, South Island. Victoria University of Wellington.


Former staff:

·         Dr Chris J. Hollis 1991-2

·         Annette Pullin 1994-6

·         Catherine Reid 1996-8

·         Kathryn A. Hayward 1998-2006

·         Jessica Hayward 1998-2008

·         Rowan Carter 1998-2002

·         Clare Hayward 2000-4

·         Grace Schaefer 2003

·         Andrew Matthews 2004

·         Lilian Weiland 2004

·         Rhiannon Daymond-King 2003-7

·         Sophie Milloy 2008

·         Jon Kay 2008-2010

·         Dr Hugh R. Grenfell 1993-2012

·         Ashwaq Sabaa 2002-2014