Shallow water foraminiferal ecology

A 7 year project (1991-1998) on the biodiversity and ecological distribution of modern brackish and shallow-water (0-100 m) foraminifera around New Zealand was summarised in our 1999 monograph (Abstract of this publication). The reason for these studies was to better understand the environmental controls on benthic foraminiferal distributional patterns for application in the interpretation of fossil foraminiferal faunas.

Study areas:
a. Cavalli Islands, Northland - Published, 1982
b. Pauatahanui Inlet, Wellington - Published, 1994
c. Great Barrier Island, Auckland - Published, 1994
d. Port Pegasus, Stewart Island - Published, 1994
e. Purakanui Inlet, Otago - Published, 1996
f. Wanganui Bight and Queen Charlotte Sound, central New Zealand - Published, 1997
g. Upper Waitemata Harbour, Auckland - Published, 1997
h. Chatham Islands - Published, 1999
i. Campbell and Auckland Islands - Published, 2007
j. Big Lagoon, Wairau Valley, Marlborough - Published, 2010
k. Lake Onoke, Wairarapa - Published, 2011

l. Matai Bay, Northland Published, 2014


General topics:

a. Monospecific foraminiferal faunas Accepted 2014

b. Multi-year life spans, high marsh foraminifera Accepted 2014

Selected publications: